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Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm sick of it.. How about you?

I've had it with Obama and our Government!, I've had it with the Murder, the Lying and the Empire Building!

I'm sick of watching Our Country be destroyed, just as planned, from the inside like a nasty disease.

Every time I turn on or read the mainstream corporate news I wonder how could someone not see through this OBVIOUS Propaganda nonsense? They make it seem like War is OK and everything is just fine and dandy!!

And don't worry because the Republicans and the Democrats are hard at work stage fighting each other for us.

This whole 2 Party system is a joke and The Phony Left/Right Paradigm is so damn Obvious.

I mean seriously, when things are this messed up, how could any rational American just blame half of the Government?

I still see the paradigm played out in the News comment sections..

Random Republican: "Obama has ruined this Country!"

Random Democrat: "No your guy Bush ruined this Country, Obama has to fix his mess!"

Can't they see they are both right ?!?

Meanwhile jobs are rapidly disappearing, people are losing everything, we are 14 Trillion+ in the shitter..

And yet we got NERVE to allow our Government to start Wars in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iran and so on!!!!

We allow the TSA to microwave us and molest us and our kids! Soon they will be at the Mall, Grocery store, Etc...

We are living in some crazy times right now.. America was defiantly the real prize in the War on Terror.

They were telling you the truth when they said "The Terrorists hate you for your Freedoms."

They just didn't tell you THEY are the Terrorist!

And look at Ron Paul the only Person speaking the Truth in the Empire of Lies!! He is such a Brave and Unselfish person.

I have a feeling that right now People are Craving for the Truth.. They are seeking out sites like

Now's a good time to share with others The Obama Deception and Fall of the Republic and Ron Paul.

The Obama Deception

Fall of the Republic

Ron Paul

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