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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Tent City of New Jersey & It's Growing

In scenes reminiscent of the Great Depression these are the ramshackle homes of the desperate and destitute U.S. families who have set up their own 'Tent City' only an hour from Manhattan.

More than 50 homeless people have joined the community within New Jersey's forests as the economic crisis has wrecked their American dream. And as politicians in Washington trade blows over their country's £8.8 trillion debt, the prospect of more souls joining this rag tag group grows by the day.

Building their own tarpaulin tents, Native American teepees and makeshift balsa wood homes, every one of the Tent City residents has lost their job.

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This is what happens when you have an anti-Georgist tax system that penalizes people the more they put land to use for productive purposes while rewarding them the more they hold land out of use for speculative purposes.

And privilege-worshipping right-wingers wouldn't have it any other way.

Indeed, if speculators could hoard the air the way they hoard land, and thereby confer to themselves the power of exacting a monthly ransom fee from those needing access to it to live, then, as long as there was a “free market” in the sale and purchase of air titles, there’d be slogan-parroting right-wingers all over the place shamelessly defending this extortion racket in the name of (you guessed it) “liberty” and “private property rights.” They’d be saying things like, “Airlords aren’t parasitizing people through a form of legalized extortion as certain freedom-hating, property-rights-hating socialists have claimed; they’re merely ‘allocating’ the air to the most productive breathers.”  Roll Eyes

As ridiculous as that sounds, the sad reality is that, as long as those spouting such aristocratic nonsense were wrapped in the American flag or the flag of “liberty,” millions of gullible people would actually fall for this and start blindly defending the very system that’s parasitizing them -- insisting all the while that only those who hate "liberty" and "private property" would so much as question the legitimacy of that system. It’s right out of a George Orwell novel.

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