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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manhattan Project 2.0 part 7

Here's part one of the BBC documentary "Visions of the Future" as referenced in Part 3 of this thread.(1 hr.) #

Video will be removed after April 29.

part one was quite amazing actually -- technology wise -- especially the example of The Beast acknowledging your heart attack and summoning an ambulance while uploading your entire medical history. What they failed at, though, was to address the danger aspect of the control.

Emotion, they claim, is still a key limitation in artificial intelligence but they also do not say that there are a fixed number of major emotions (happy, sad, angry, etc.) so that is not really a limitation at all -- especially considering the notion that there is in fact one right answer for everything (see H.G. Wells/Bertrand). This applies to beliefs too -- no it is NOT okay to think of homosexuality as unnatural or abnormal: we've already established that!

The dude at 40 min. looks, talks and acts like Jack Layton.

They talk about the long-standing sci-fi issue/fear that the robots might someday surpass human beings and develop their own agenda for mankind, but again they fail to acknowledge that someone is already in control of their agenda, notably the state and big business.

In the end he argues that it is/will always be up to us to strengthen or limit the powers of the machines but again fails to define who "us" actually is. Us is not you and me, but the NWO.

Part 2/3 #

Maybe these topics do get discussed in part 2 or 3 - we shall see.

Part 3/3

Fascinating, chilling, scary, pick your word.

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