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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nikola Tesla - The Genius Who Changed The World (or tried to)

Nikola Tesla. What a genius. They say he slept 3 - 4 hours a day and worked 20 hours a day. This man invented many of the important inventions we see today although we're being taught differently.


In 1911, Nikola Tesla revealed he was working on an anti gravity "flying machine".

"My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You might see it on the ground and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety, at higher speeds than have yet been reached, regardless of weather and oblivious of "holes in the air" or downward currents. It will ascend in such currents if desired. It can remain absolutely stationary in the air, even in a wind, for great length of time. Its lifting power will not depend upon any such delicate devices as the bird has to employ, but upon positive mechanical action." - Nikola Tesla in New York Herald Tribune, Oct. 15, 1911


We see a lot of videos today of UFOs flying indredibly fast and making impossible turns. It sure is interesting to watch but recently the past year or so, we've been seeing an increase of this and it seems like media talks about it a lot and this should raise suspicion because I don't believe a single word I hear on MSM. These UFOs are not visitors from other planets, it's actually just technology Tesla was working on a century ago and his flying saucer could use gravity to manouver. After Nikola Tesla died FBI confiscated his blue-prints. You may ask yourself this: "Why did UFO sightings increase since the late 40s and early 50s? People never saw a UFO in the late 19th century. It all started around the time Nikola Tesla died and when FBI confiscated his material including his blue prints for a flying saucer. The Roswell incident was merely experiments with this new technology. But since then they have improved the flying saucers and they can bend gravity to make these impossible turns we see on famous videos.
What's the purpose to all this you may ask? Well, I believe this is a part of Project Blue Beam. There's a lot to look up about this and you may find it interesting.

But one of the most fascinating invention Nikola Tesla invented was FREE ENERGY! This technology existed many decades ago and it still exists today but they are supressing this and we basically pay for something which could be completely free. And the famous Tunguska event in Siberia has also been linked to Nikola Tesla and his death ray. I'm going to give you some very interesting documentaries about Nikola Tesla. This is worth the watch and it would be great if you could spread these videos! (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (1 and a half hour long documentary. Haven't seen it yet but will do soon). (Haven't seen this one either)
And also, in the movie The Prestige (2006) directed by Christopher Nolan, they reveal a lot about Nikola Tesla. It's quiet surprising since it's a big hollywood movie.
 The Secret of Nikola Tesla
With Orson Wells as JP Morgan and Peter Bozovic as Nikola Tesla.

YouTube has the whole movie online--
 elsa was far beyond Einstein. A genius controlled by the Gov and their subsidarys (corporations).
After they destroyed his laboratory (firebombed) they offered him any and all materials and help needed to continue on his projects. Men of this level of mentality are consumed, driven to the fronteirs of their abilitys. The scons knew this, gave him everything required and kept the patents and prototypes, left him to rot  , disposable.
 Energy, it is said he developed cost free energy using magnitism as a source. We can be certain the OLE gov and their oil barons won't let that one out.
 There continues to be men of genius level, problem, CIA and gov talent hunters grab them up, tech square-MIT being a fine example of their feeding grounds.
  In the late 70's If I remember correctly,  an inventor living in New Hamshire developed a home heating system based on a friction and resulting in a 60% decrease in costs. He was to give this, yup give it free of charge, to the world, patent-protype the whole deal, the day this was to take place reporters were lined up in his front yard, cameras ready. He , his wife and son were never seen again, as the patents were vaporized as well.
 This was a Sunday morning, the familys day of church attendance, their table was set for breakfast, the house was empty. This guy was a Christian, a millionare, and simply wanted to help the people during this energy crisis.
 Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, John Hutchinson, and others, have tapped into the energy field that exists around us and in us. They created the technology to harness the free energy and use it to power many devices.

Odds are, the elite/shadow government have the free technology as well and they have weaponized it. They will use it not for the good of man, but to increase their monopoly and control over the people.

The Chinese call this energy Chi--

QiGong Master demonstrating Chi

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