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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Prepping for war with Iran

Our New Megabase in Afghanistan

 So, this is some drone-related news about the Afghan war that we missed. While most media attention has been focused on CIA drone bases in Pakistan, the U.S. last year transformed the remote ex-Soviet air field at Shindand, near the Iranian border, into the second biggest air base in all Afghanistan.

The perimeter of the once sprawling Soviet base was officially expanded to three times its size to accommodate the Afghan air force’s undergraduate pilot training center. However, with last month’s downing of an RQ-170 Sentinel stealth drone, news emerged that Shindand plays host to the secret UAVs, which had previously only been known to fly out of Kandahar air base.

The facility’s remoteness and proximity to the border with Iran makes it the perfect location for a variety of ops against Tehran. In fact, its one of the few major U.S. bases that doesn’t appear to be updated when veiwed through satellite viewers like Google Maps. Even the sensitive U.S. facilities in the UAE show plenty of Western jets parked on their ramps. Meanwhile, updated (albeit grainy) images of Kandahar Airport, where the RQ-170 likely takes off from for missions over nearby Pakistan, are easily viewable in Google Maps.

Do a quick Google Image search for Shindand and you’ll see plenty of images of everything from AH-64 Apache helos, F-15E Strike Eagles and C-17 Globemasters (shown above) to Afghan air corps Cessna Caravans and even old MiG-21s operating out of the base.

Shindand’s remote location even made it the ideal ground for the Soviets to test out their VTOL fighter, the Yak-38 in 1980.

In any case, as long as tensions between the U.S. and Iran remain high, you can bet that Shindand will remain important.

Read more:

Shindand Air Base triples in size

Posted 7/12/2011

by Lt. Col. Joe DelCampo
838th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group

7/12/2011 - SHINDAND, Afghanistan (AFNS) -- By expanding to nearly three times its original size, Shindand Air Base recently became the second largest airfield throughout Afghanistan.

Colonel Larry Bowers, the 838th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group commander, opened the new expansion area upon completion of construction of approximately eight miles of perimeter fence line.

Having been in the works since fall of 2010, completion of the "Far East Expansion" makes the base second only to Bastion Field in Lashkar Gah in size.

The project is part of a $500 million military construction effort to support Regional Command West and turn Shindand AB into the premier flight-training base in Afghanistan, officials said.

The new expansion is slated to become the new living and working area for more than 3,000 coalition forces and government contractors, officials said. The relocation of these members will make room for a new a 1.3-mile NATO training runway, with construction scheduled to begin in early 2012.

"Our current mission here is to train and upgrade Afghan air force pilots in flying the Mi-17 helicopter," Bowers said. "The new runway project is being constructed in preparation for the addition of 18 new fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft and the establishment of Afghan introductory flight and undergraduate pilot training programs."

Leading the coordination for the project was Lt. Col. Lance McCuiston, an 838th AEAG civil engineer.

He said he faced many challenges during the project, including delays and design changes, and he is certain teamwork by multiple units and organizations contributed to overall project success.

"If it wasn't for the great work and dedication of our military members, civilians and contractors, this project would not have happened," McCuiston said. "This truly was a combined effort."

Despite a period when contractors left the work site due to threats by individuals claiming to be local land owners and detection of seven improvised explosive devices, the project remained on track, he said.

"The arrival of new security forces members greatly increased the ability to defend Shindand," McCuiston said. "It will be the mission of the security forces to patrol and defend this new battle space until completion of the project."

On hand to celebrate the opening of the expansion were members of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who established the $13 million contract necessary for construction of the perimeter fence in October 2010.

"Opening this new expansion was a culmination of months of difficult planning, coordination and construction," said Capt. Greg Ward, of the Shindand office of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. "We should all be very proud."

Members of the 877th Expeditionary Prime BEEF Squadron were also on hand, with eight of their engineers having worked throughout the last four months during construction of the Far East Expansion. Prime Base Engineer Emergency Forces are civil engineer forces organized for direct combat support or emergency recovery from natural disasters.

Their oversight of more than 80 construction projects was crucial in the opening of the new area and ensured the NATO training-runway project remained on track, officials said.

"The Far East Expansion has been an extremely fast-paced project with some significant obstacles along the way," said Chief Master Sgt. Chris Hodge, the 877th EPBS superintendent. "Knowing that 10 years from now, the projects we designed and broke ground on will endure; this is our reward and something the 877th (EPBS) engineers can be proud of for a very long time."

 This is a result of the secret decisions made behind closed doors.

They will tell you that it's happening but not tell you why.

But obviously, we already know why.

They desperately want a next big war to distract from the presidential election and the economy's collapse.

The Federal Reserve private bank caused the great depression.

If we don't stop being distracted to abolish the Federal Reserve private bank, then we will lose everything we have in something even worse than a great depression: A total economic collapse and the death of the currency we use.

If we don't vote for Ron Paul we will be at war again for illegitimate reasons and disingenuous purposes.

I've had enough of war, the Federal Reserve private bank, and the derivatives fraud which is impossible to ever repay.

We never owed them money in the first place.

They're a bunch twisted f**ked up human beings with overall entirely different brain-structures and psychological makeup.

Everyone else who they claimed owed them the bullshit debt had their economies destroyed JUST AS f**kING PLANNED

(Except for Iceland, because they figured out it was complete 110% bullshit and never payed the money.)

We all know this.

The Federal Reserve private bank IS a major problem but the 6 megabanks are even worse than the Federal Reserve private bank.

When are those occupy wallstreet protesters going to learn that?

When is OWS going to finally stop denying that derivatives WE DO NOT OWE are the problem.

When is Anonymous going to admit that they're just as fake as PETA.

When is the Tea Party going to stop being hijacked?

When is cointel pro black ops military psychological warfare going to stop posting bullshit in YouTube Comments and Forum posts?

When are CIA agents going to be allowed to look at

When are television shows going to stop having their scripts being written by military Psy. Ops. and sections of the pentagon?

When are the highest levels of NORTHComm going to stop being a domestic enemy against the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

When is FEMA going to stop preparing for martial law?

When will the bastards who started this entire problem in the first place admit that they can't win?

 he takedown of the USA requires an infinite number of stages, we in the final ones.
 It is not the USA alone that is being attacked, this is global, however our nation remains at the top of their list.
 The preparations for their goal was set in place decades past, as AJ says, this is the end game.
  Buckle up my friends...

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