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Monday, March 12, 2012

Who is the enemy?

You want to know who we're fighting?
Who the real enemies are?
Watch this video; lecture by Dr. John Coleman, and understand who we're up against:

These people operate on a global perspective.
They ARE the "one world government".

THEY are destroying the middle class.
The de-industrialization of western countries is happening because THEY are executing their plans. We are watching them rip countries to shreds, kill millions of people, take absolute control of resources, and give us media propaganda to engage our anger and direct it to the "enemies" they manufacture.

THEY are the people behind the manufactured "enemies" - they instigate infighting; so we focus our anger on each other: we hate the muslims, we hate the jews, we hate the christians, we hate the democrats, we hate the republicans.... we hate each other.

They remain safe and protected from scrutiny because they have created a system to shield them from view. We see the David Rockefellers, the Ben Bernankes, the Barack Obamas; we see only their minions. Puppets, all.

But to see behind those puppets; to view the real controllers is to violate their carefully constructed shield of invisibility. For this you will be called 'paranoid'. This is a psyop: you are being marginalized with stigmatizing labels because you are a threat. We are so conditioned to herd mentality; we are fearful of being labeled and ostracized. To accept that, and remain silent in the face of this threat is to surrender to their control.

These are the real enemies: the people controlling the puppets in government, industries including pharma, agri-business, defense contractors, non-profit 'humanitarian' organizations, and the media propaganda machines that serve up our daily doses of conditioning to keep us in the dark. To keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

Info: The Club of Rome
Info: The Committee of 300
Info: The Bilderberg Group

The next time you think to perpetuate the false enemy agenda; to post something that fear-mongers about any group of people, think about these 'clubs'. They've planted the seeds to grow hatred, and you are providing fertilizer every time you spread the hate.

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