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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jon Stewart Exposes the Fraud of the Federal Reserve

A TV show segment is worth a million words. Stewart even mentions hyperinflation as a result of creating money out of thin air. Perhaps Stewart has finally gotten around to reading Murray Rothbard’s What Has Government Done to Our Money. (I…don’t think so—but I can dream, can’t I?)
[Thanks to Doug Oade via David Powell]

  1. IRS Insider Joe Banister Exposes Federal Reserve Coup and IRS Fraud
  2. Ron Paul Exposes CIA & Federal Reserve’s drug running business on Alex Jones TV
  3. The Federal Reserve Explains… The Federal Reserve In One Easy, Retard-Accessible Video
  4. Alex Jones Exposes “See Something, Say Something” as Patent Fraud
  5. Geithner Visited Jon Stewart in April, Though Not for Laughs
  6. Jon Stewart Scolds Media For Ignoring Rep. Ron Paul
  7. Dennis Kucinich Tells Occupy Wall Street to Nationalize the Federal Reserve
  8. Stewart Rhodes: Why Oath Keepers are Under Attack
  9. Goldman Sachs and Federal Fraud
  10. Stewart Rhodes: Sherrifs fed up with Federal Interference
  11. Kucinich: Federal Reserve No More “Federal” Than Federal Express
  12. San Francisco Federal Reserve Employee Admits Fed is a Private Corporation

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