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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Train your children in the ways of Liberty and Freedom.  Teach them values and give them your wisdom that they may carry  the torch when the time comes.

Remember that it is YOUR duty to teach them to protect themselves from tyranny.

Teach them to daydream teach them to think freely teach them to never forget who they are, that they are an individual full of love and life and that their thoughts are theirs and theirs alone.

Teach them that it is not a crime to think, to feel, to speak, to live and to love.

And LEARN as much from them as you can, they have so much to offer.  Without a care in the world they give their love free of stipulation, with out a care in the world they dream dreams that we once believed in.

Most importantly, Love them as your creator has loved you and teach them that love and truth will conquer anything. 

For myself and my son and daughters, today we BBQ and shoot, maybe do a little fishing too.

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