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Monday, June 11, 2012

Human Energy

The average human male is about 80 kg and the average human female is about 60 kg. So let us say that the average human is about 70 kg (since they are somewhat close to 50/50 of the population at large). The speed of light is given in meters per second and light travels approximately 300,000,000 meters per second. So to convert the human to energy (in joules) it would be=

E= 70 X 300,000,000 X 300,000,000 or 70 X 90,000,000,000,000,000 (90 quadrillion) or 6,300,000,000,000,000,000 (6.3 quintillion). So if the average person contains 6.3 quintillion joules of energy and joules is a measure of energy released per second (1000 watts would release 1000 joules per second for instance) we can surmise that the energy from one human being would be equivalent to the amount of energy released in one second from a 6,300,000,000,000,000,000 watt generator.
Currently the entire planet’s energy usage amounts to about 15 trillion watts (15 trillion joules per second). The energy of one person (if it burst out in just one second) is more than enough to power the entire planet for more than one-hundred hours ([6,300,000/15] / 3600 seconds in one hour). That means the energy released in one-second (if you converting a human entirely to energy) would be the equivalent of power that you could use to power the entire planet for nearly an entire work week. If you were to harness the energy of a person as you would in a lightbulb, that person could act as a 6.3 quintillion watt lightbulb and could power everything on Earth about half a million (420,000) times over (6.3 quintillion / 15 trillion).

 There are two basic types of nuclear bomb. The first is a fission device colloquially called an 'atom' bomb. It involves splitting (fissioning) massive, unstable, atoms into less massive, more stable, atoms. The second is a fusion device often called a 'hydrogen' bomb. It involves joining (fusing) light atoms into heavier atoms.

In both cases the mass of the atoms created is less than the mass of the atoms destroyed. The 'missing' mass is converted to energy via the relationship E=mc^2. The process is very fast so the energy is released explosively.

Again, in both cases, the mass converted to energy is very small for the individual atoms that react but there are LOTS of atoms that are undergo the reaction. That's why there is so much total energy.

A typical bomb might contain a few tens of kilos of 'fuel' of which maybe a few grams of mass is actually converted to energy. So....

If you were to convert ALL the mass of a few grams of cells to energy it would be comparable to a typical nuclear bomb. One cell is clearly not enough. Something like the size of your thumb might do it IF it could all be converted to energy. As I said in posts above though, this could only be done if it could be annihilated with an equal amount of anti-matter. And since we can't make large quantities of anti-matter this is impractical.

 Any time energy is generated, the process can be evaluated from an E = mc2 perspective. For instance, the "Gadget"-style bomb used in the Trinity test and the bombing of Nagasaki had an explosive yield equivalent to 21 kt of TNT. About 1 kg of the approximately 6.15 kg of plutonium in each of these bombs fissioned into lighter elements totaling almost exactly one gram less, after cooling [The heat, light, and electromagnetic radiation released in this explosion carried the missing one gram of mass.][6] This occurs because nuclear binding energy is released whenever elements with more than 62 nucleons fission.…

So, one gram of matter converted to energy produces an explosion the size of the one that destroyed Nagasaki. A 150-pound person has 68,000 grams. One person contains enough energy to destroy every city of any size on Earth.

 Alright so I got bored and decided to do some math, because bitches love math or so the internet told me. Here is what I discovered:
If you took a 120 kilogram human being and through some kind of magic or with antimatter turned his mass into energy the resulting explosion could destroy 15000 dairy barns.
Warning math below this line
Alright so we take the 120 kilos and toss it on into every 8th grade science teachers fovorite equation E=mc2
M=mass, not matter.
C=the speed of light in meters per second
just so everyone is on the same page.
Right so 120kgx(300000000x300000000)= 1.08e+19 J or 10800000000000000000 joules.
Making that an explosion gives us 2581.3 megatonnes of explosive force.
which would do some serious dammage.
So whenever your feeling insignificant just remember you (technically) have the power of a 2581.3 megatonnes bomb sqashed into your clothes.

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