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Friday, June 15, 2012

List of kick-ass threads! (WE MUST STOP BEING IN PERPETUAL REACTION MODE!) (Points of agreement = massive grassroots coalition) (An Open Letter to Occupy Wall Street) (An Open Letter to Democratic and Republican Voters) (Education Reform!) (Election Reform!) (Health care reform!) (Monetary Reform!) (How do we eliminate the paradox of poverty & privation amid plenty & abundance?) (Bureaucracy-Ridden Welfare System vs. Guaranteed Income) (Land Value Taxation: Rebuttals to Common Objections) (Left-vs.-Right is not the only false paradigm!) (Does the banker-owned "U.S." government have the moral high-ground on nukes?) (Beware of FOUNDATION OPERATIVES in "liberal" or "progressive" clothing!) (The manufactured myth of "peak oil") (Eugenics & Depopulation Are The Means; Scientific Dictatorship Is The Goal!) (How to tell if someone has been brainwashed by Malthusian propaganda) (Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?) (Why government shills & intellectual cowards LOVE the term "conspiracy theory") (Zombies, cowards, and self-appointed know-it-alls) (Fantasy White House)

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