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Friday, July 13, 2012

Google & The CIA

Google and In-Q-Tel to predict future with Recorded Future

The CIA’s version of DARPA is In-Q-Tel, a non-profit research organization.  In-Q-Tel and Google recently invested in a company that attempts to predict the future using algorithms.  The company is named Recorded Future.  The algorithms can tell you what a person or business is going to do in the future, and where that person will be.  This is not the only company in this type of research.


Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring

Article about Recorded Future

Article about how these new technologies give information to employers about you as a future employee

Article about Google’s and CIA investment in Recorded Future

Recorded Future Website

Video about Recorded Future

Recorded Future Terrorism Test

Recorded Future Person Test

Google Acquires Keyhole Corp



Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts


There used to be a saying: ”No one makes a name for himself without giving something up”
As a youngster, I was awed by people who ”made it to the top” by creating and innovating corporations, technologies, or simply establishing themselves through sports, music, entertainment, etc. thus becoming millionaires.
Now as I have grown older, I realize how illusory this paradigm really is. I came to the conclusion that if you want to reach the ”top’,’ you have to give up your soul.
Take Mark Zuckerberg for example. He is one of the most ”successful entrepreneurs” in the last decade. Having made a fortune through his Facebook empire, he reaches more than 500 million people worldwide. It seems like a fairytale. A student creates a new interface to connect the people throughout the world. Well, it sounds great doesn’t it? It would, if we were true.
Here is a good video that demonstrates that Facebook was indirectly funded by the CIA with the goal of learning and storing everything there is to know about you. Why? To monitor and ultimately control.

Again, the people have been totally duped by the Facebook-mania and can only see what they are told to see. As my friends say: ”It is to connect people and share information”. In the wake of the recent crisis in Egypt, we might add that Facebook has become not just a data-mining operation, but also a soft power proxy for crisis-creation.
Let’s look at headlines that should cast no doubt about the true character of CIAbook:
Facebook’s Zuckerberg Says The Age of Privacy is Over -
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg says privacy is no longer a ‘social norm’
Facebook – the CIA conspiracy
The Face of Facebook -  (Pay particular notice to the IMs that got leaked and confirmed to be true by the New Yorker)
Facebook & Social Media: A Convenient Cover For Spying -
US spies invest in internet monitoring technology – Quoted from this article: ”In an attempt to sift through the blizzard of information, the investment arm of the CIA, In-Q-Tel, has invested in a software firm that monitors social media.”

Nihilists of The World Unite: Wikileaks Is The “Cognitive Infiltration” Operation Demanded by Cass Sunstein -
TIME Mag Person of the Year 2010 - This link is just a mere reminder of past history and the perversion of ”honoring”those who don’t deserve it. Would you like to share this front cover with Hitler, Stalin, Kissinger, etc.? I sure wouldn’t. Obviously Zuckerberg has done something ”great”. Just my 2 cents about this garbage.

Google has come under scrutiny over its attempt to eliminate competing search engines and block ”controversial” sites and people, but the biggest controversy came over its alleged ties to the CIA and NSA.

Google founders Sergey M. Brin and Lawrence E. Page are portrayed as average folks, Stanford University students, who teamed up to create a ”superior search engine”. Their attempt to do just that turned out to be so successful that they started to get funding from big players, for example Sun Microsystems. (
It can be assumed that the CIA and NSA funded them as well. As in the above example of Facebook, don’t forget the Google scandal connected to China last year, where Google simply evaded censorship laws by moving to Hong Kong.

The CIA might have used Google as a soft power proxy in China as well for destabilization operations. Here are a few issues that made the news regarding Google:
Tarpley: US Gov uses Google proxy to attack China – (Vid)
Google-NSA collaboration draws alarm -
YouTube’s Parent Google is a Corporate Member of the Council on Foreign Relations -
Ex-Agent: CIA Seed Money Helped Launch Google -
The Google-NSA Alliance: Questions and Answers -
I admit I have Facebook. I am not particularly happy about it, but it does facilitate being connected with friends from other places. I try to keep a low profile. Don’t reveal anything or don’t click on trivial buttons, for example the ”Likes”.

Use alternatives to make contact if you can, e.g. email or other messengers. If you have Facebook, you have probably realized how people have literally sold their lives over to it.
Every time I see people revealing things to the finest detail, they don’t think about any consequences, or let’s say, they are not smart enough to care. The scientific dictatorship has done a ”good” job in brainwashing and manipulating the masses. Don’t be fooled by the deceit. The mainstream media has been very reluctant to cover the disturbing Google/Facebook ties as it would expose important assets for the Big Brother machine and its secret use to destabilize.

Zuckerberg or the Google founders would never have gotten the publicity, wealth and success without a CIA or NSA  connection. To elaborate on the opening quote, I assume they have been initiated into the Illuminati Order and sold their soul.

CIA and Google’s Joint Investment Raising Eyebrows

Cambridge startup Recorded Future trawls the internet for raw data that it uses in an attempt to predict world events—understandably interesting stuff. But what do both Google and the CIA both see in the company? Wired digs deeper.
Pulling in data from over half a million websites, Twitter feeds, and blog posts, Recorded Future's "spatial and temporal analysis" engine—search that covers both the where and when of an event—claims to reduce newsworthy events like missile launches and terrorist attacks to factors that can be detected before the next occurrence.
The ability to predict what people will be caring about (and searching for) is of obvious interest to a company like Google, whose investment in Recorded Futures is old news. But what has not been so obvious is that In-Q-Tel, the investing arm of the US intelligence community, invested in Recorded Futures along with Google in 2009. The exact sum both that either group has put into the startup isn't known, other than that it is under $10 million, but both have members on Recorded Future's board of directors.
Wired's Noah Shachtman points out that this isn't the first time Google and the intelligence community have done business together. Nor is anyone accusing the two of colluding on some sinister plot, so put the tinfoil hat back in its drawer for now. But the fact of the matter is that, for the first time, Google and the CIA have a strong mutual interest in the same project, and are actively contributing advice and insight to Recorded Futures—a contribution the company's CEO says has been "very helpful."
What you make of this fact depends partially on your opinion of both Google and the CIA, but it certainly lends some credence to those who think the former isn't taking its peaceful, "don't be evil" ethos as seriously as it once claimed. But even some used to aiming a critical eye at the nation's intelligence apparatus suggest a wait and see attitude. Explains Steven Aftergood, Director of the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists, "to me, whether this is troublesome or not depends on the degree of transparency involved." Should we be left in the dark regarding the CIA and Google's relationship vis-à-vis Recorded Future, Aftergood expects the rise of "public skepticism or worse, both here and abroad, and not without reason."

Court Upholds Google-NSA Relationship Secrecy

A federal appeals court on Friday upheld the National Security Agency’s decision to withhold from the public documents confirming or denying any relationship it has with Google concerning encryption and cybersecurity.
That’s despite the fact that Google itself admitted it turned to “U.S. authorities,” which obviously includes the NSA, after the search giant’s Chinese operation was deeply hacked. Former NSA chief Mike McConnell told the Washington Post that collaboration between the NSA and private companies like Google was “inevitable.”
The Electronic Privacy Information Center, invoking the Freedom of Information Act, had sought such documents following the January 2010 cyberattack on Google that targeted the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. The attack was among the considerations that prompted Google to consider abandoning China, and Google announced that it was “working with the relevant U.S. authorities.”
The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post followed up, saying Google had contacted the NSA following the attack.
EPIC sought documents seeking to know what type of collaboration there was between Google and the NSA and, among other things, records of communication between the NSA and Google concerning Google’s e-mail service Gmail.
In response, the NSA invoked a so-called “Glomar” response, in which the agency neither confirmed nor denied the existence of records on the topic at all. EPIC sued and lost in the lower courts.
On appeal, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit sided with the NSA’s conclusion that admitting the existence of relevant documents would harm national security (.pdf).
Judge Janice Rogers Brown, in a 3-0 opinion, sided with the government’s contention that acknowledging any records “might reveal whether the NSA investigated the threat,” or “deemed the threat a concern to the security of the U.S. government.”
If we removed all the legalese, the appellate court upheld the government’s often-said contention that, “if we told you, we’d have to kill you."

Facebook IPO: CIA and Goldman Sachs Take the Suckers for a Stroll

Kurt Nimmo
May 22, 2012

The fact Morgan Stanley was the lead banker on the Facebook IPO should have set off alarm bells for investors in the NASDAQ casino. The deal had SUCKER’S BET spray-painted all over it. But like the infamous dot-com bubble and any other number of pump and dump schemes rolled out by the banksters, the Facebook IPO was designed to enrich a small number of insiders like Goldman Sachs and take the clueless horde on the outside to the cleaners.
Even cynical observers are willing to give the trendy stock time to “perform” when it is obvious the Facebook “offering” is simply more toxic waste proffered by people who specialize in multi-billion dollar scams and snake oil tours.
“Maybe I am a grouch,” writes the New Yorker’s John Cassidy. “But it all sounds suspiciously like an inside job, in which the last ones in, the ordinary investors, are the saps. At the very least, this entire issue is something that the authorities – the S.E.C., but also the Nasdaq and other stock exchanges – should be looking at closely.”
The SEC is clueless and was designed to be so. It is blind to financial derivatives and has strict orders to leave the Big Boys alone to do as they please. It took the SEC a full nine years to respond to the stench of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Facebook is not even on its radar screen.
Back in 1988 an unconstitutional presidential executive order irrevocably tied the SEC to the Treasury and its boss, the Federal Reserve. The blinders became even more restrictive for the hand-picked commissioners who twiddle and twaddle as the banksters deconstruct the economy.
MarketWatch wrote the following as the Facebook IPO was unveiled:
The list of insiders — including angel investor Peter Thiel, the venture-capital firm Accel Partners, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Tiger Global Management — reads like a who’s who list of savvy tech investors.
In other words, the “savvy tech investors” are banksters and spooks. Matt Greenop wrote back in 2007:
Facebook’s first round of venture capital funding ($500,000) came from former Paypal CEO Peter Thiel. Author of anti-multicultural tome ‘The Diversity Myth’, he is also on the board of radical conservative group VanguardPAC.
The second round of funding into Facebook ($US12.7 million) came from venture capital firm Accel Partners. Its manager James Breyer was formerly chairman of the National Venture Capital Association, and served on the board with Gilman Louie, CEO of In-Q-Tel, a venture capital firm established by the Central Intelligence Agency in 1999. One of the company’s key areas of expertise are in “data mining technologies”.
Breyer also served on the board of R&D firm BBN Technologies, which was one of those companies responsible for the rise of the internet.
Dr Anita Jones joined the firm, which included Gilman Louie. She had also served on the In-Q-Tel’s board, and had been director of Defense Research and Engineering for the US Department of Defense.
Facebook may as well be called Stasibook. It is the most effective surveillance tool the world has ever known. Nearly a billion people love to be not so secretly data-mined, every chat and friend connection tucked into super-computer data reservoirs at the NSA.
Facebook, writes Andrew Wozny, “does what Chairman Mao, Joseph Stalin, or Adolf Hitler could not have dreamt of – it has a half billion people [now almost a billion] willingly doing a form of spy work on all their friends, family, neighbors, etc. – while enthusiastically revealing information on themselves.  The huge database on these half a billion members (and non-members who are written about) is too much power for any private entity – but what if it is part of, or is accessed by, the military-industrial-national security-police state complex?”
CNBC and the business side of the establishment media may chatter inanely about what went wrong with the Facebook IPO – nothing went wrong, it was just another sucker’s bet thrown out by the elite – but despite all the hubbub and hubris, Facebook will continue to operate as the finely honed machine that is Stasibook, and the controllers will sell us servitude gussied up as a trendy and glittery technological wonder.

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