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Friday, July 27, 2012

James Holmes Is Behaving Like Sirhan Sirhan

Drugged up massacre suspect can’t remember ‘Batman’ shooting
Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, July 27, 2012
The parallels between alleged Colorado shooter James Holmes and Sirhan Sirhan are staggering. Both appear to have been drugged, both cannot remember the shootings they were accused of carrying out, and in both cases other shooters were reported by eyewitnesses.
Over 40 years after being convicted of the murder of Robert F. Kennedy, the weight of evidence clearly indicates that SIrhan Sirhan was a drugged-up patsy, a fall guy for the real murderer who has never been identified.
The fact that details surrounding the Aurora massacre and shooting suspect James Holmes mirror almost exactly those of Sirhan Sirhan, within just a week of the tragedy taking place, strongly suggest that Holmes is also a patsy or at the very least that there was a wider plot behind the tragedy that led to the deaths of 12 people.
As the London Independent reported in 2005, evidence strongly indicates that Sirhan was a Manchurian candidate, a victim of mind control who was set up to be the fall guy for the murder. Sirhan was described by eyewitnesses as being in a trance-like state as he pulled the trigger.
“There was no way Sirhan Sirhan killed Kennedy,” said (Sirhan’s lawyer Larry) Teeter, who has filed the lawsuit to preserve the pantry for further forensic examination. “He was the fall guy. His job was to get busted while the trigger man walked out. He wasn’t consciously involved in any plot. He was a patsy. He was unconscious and unaware of what was happening – he was the true Manchurian Candidate.”
The parallels between Sirhan Sirhan and James Holmes are alarming.
- Both were described as behaving as if in a trance or under the influence of drugs. “I felt drugged. I think somebody slipped something into my drinks,” said Sirhan, describing the moments before the shooting of RFK. Similarly, during his court appearance earlier this week, Holmes’ behavior clearly suggested he was also under the influence of strong medication. “The 24-year-old looked confused, blinked slowly, and struggled to keep his head up, leading the press to wonder if he’d been drugged,” reported
- Both Sirhan Sirhan and James Holmes cannot remember any details of the alleged shootings they are accused of carrying out. “I didn’t know where I was and I don’t know how I got there. I was in a state of blackout,” stated Sirhan. Similarly, Holmes has told prison guards that he has no idea why he is in jail and is suffering from amnesia. “He claims he doesn’t know why he’s in jail,” a jailhouse worker told NY Daily News . “He asked, ‘Why am I here?’”
- In both the RFK and ‘Batman’ shootings eyewitnesses described other shooters, dismantling the “lone wolf” narrative. According to Nina Rhodes-Hughes, another man was shooting at RFK and the authorities tried to alter her account of what happened. “What has to come out is that there was another shooter to my right,” Rhodes-Hughes said in an interview with CNN. “The truth has got to be told. No more cover-ups.” Sirhan’s lawyers also presented evidence that “two guns were fired in the assassination and that Sirhan’s revolver was not the gun that shot Kennedy.” Similarly in the case of Holmes, eyewitnesses described two shooters, noting that one of the gas canisters was thrown from the opposite side of the theater to where the killer was standing. . It was also clear that Holmes, or whoever the killer in the gas mask was, had an accomplice. Eyewitnesses described the killer talking on a cellphone before the shooting and then standing in the emergency exit and beckoning someone else over.
The CIA’s use of mind control to create killers is a matter of historical record. MK-ULTRA was the code name for a covert, illegal CIA human research program, run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence that came to light in 1975 through investigations by the Church Committee, and by a presidential commission known as the Rockefeller Commission. 14-year CIA veteran Victor Marchetti insists that the program is ongoing and has not been abandoned.
Holmes, a neuroscience student, was also fascinated with mind control. During his time at Salk Institute of Biological Studies, Holmes designed a computer program to alter mental states using flicker rates. Arizona shooter Jared Lee Loughner was also obsessed with mind control.
There are also a myriad of other questions surrounding the ‘Batman’ shootings that conflict with the official narrative, such as how Holmes could have developed bomb-making skills that exhibit the proficiency of an explosives expert, or why he carefully booby-trapped his apartment to kill anyone who tried to enter but then told police about the bombs as soon as he was arrested.
According to his lawyers, Sirhan Sirhan “was an involuntary participant in the crimes being committed because he was subjected to sophisticated hypno programming and memory implantation techniques which rendered him unable to consciously control his thoughts and actions at the time the crimes were being committed,” and served only as a diversion for the real assassin
Was James Holmes also just a diversion to hide the identify of the real assassin?
With the political machine now rushing headlong to exploit last week’s massacre to eviscerate the second amendment, each piece of new evidence points to the fact that Holmes was just one part of the puzzle or even worse, an unwitting patsy who took the fall for the real killer.
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.

MK-Ultra responsible for James Holmes killing moviegoers in Aurora Part II

After shooting Robert Kennedy in the back of the head and being grabbed by then famous Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman, Roosevelt Grier by the wrist, Sir Han Sir Han seemed to go into a daze. Robert Kennedy lay dying on the floor of a hotel catering service area after giving his speech in a pool of his own blood as Rosey Grier, a 6 foot 5 inch football player wrestled the pistol from the hand of a small Arab man named Sir Han Sir Han. Subsequent testimony after the trial was underway portrayed a clueless assassin who was unable to recall anything about the shooting.
The fall guy syndrome

James Early Ray testified that he had been the fall guy in an elaborate CIA plot to kill Martin Luther King. The evidence against James Early Ray was circumstantial at best and the rambling story of a CIA agent named Rauol who supposedly recruited him for a totally unrelated assignment is once again the example of the “fall guy” syndrome used to ensnare or frame someone indirectly or not involved in the act of killing at all.

Lee Harvey Oswald was, at first, thought to have been the lone gunman, and that is what the Warren Report set out to prove as it ignored much of the controversial evidence that never could have incriminated anyone based on its own merits, but with the heavy hand of government behind it, succeeded in hiding the fact that a conspiracy did indeed exist. Oswald was a rambling Communist, and ex-marine, who had relocated in Russia and married a wife before coming back to the US.

He displayed many of the characteristic personality traits of an MK Ultra subject, a sleeper. After JFK was shot, Oswald headed for a movie that he had been ordered to reach as part of his instructions. Quite miraculously, the Dallas police just happened to arrive there acting on an anonymous tip. Fancy that.
The Montauk Project

All these operatives with their fragmented memories and strange behavior after being apprehended in the aftermath of a horrid shooting are the product of a well planned and well financed secret project called Montauk. Formed in 1976. Earlier versions of this organization were already underway, but it finally solidified under the CIA sponsored there are 25 underground facilities that conduct mind programming that will induce mass killings or assassinations sometime at a later date by these crazed lone gunmen. Montauk, Long Island is the location of the apparent central staging complex. The term “Montauk Boys” refers to a whole line of programmed subjects that are infiltrated into the fabric of society as newsmen, judges, businessmen, lawyers, prosecutors, TV, and radio personalities. All awaiting their turn at activation at some point in time to cause or influence a pivotal event.

Ultimately they will all contribute in a very bloody way to fuel a public plea for gun control just as Democrats on Capitol Hill and state legislatures are currently calling for. This is how the sheep are controlled and led to the slaughter by unseen forces who are driving an agenda of world domination and toppling American society in the meantime. In case you have not noticed, the Obama administration has been on a tear assaulting the US Constitution for more than 3 years now in blatant and obvious ways, not even relying on subtlety as was once the case. The American people are so apathetic and oblivious to the attack by the federal government upon their rights that it just doesn’t matter anymore.
A call to disarm or to submit

Now Mexico is calling for US society to disarm. I wonder how amazingly ridiculous that this assault on our intelligence is in view of the fact that not only has the drug cartel been waging war against Mexican and US citizens along the border, but killing American law enforcement agents with help from AG Eric Holder’s lame Department of Justice and the protection of President Obama who has used executive privilege to hide documents from GOP subpoenas for evidence on Fast and Furious. All this as Eric Holder wages a legal war against Arizona sheriffs attempting to legally enforce federal immigration law.
A global method to the madness

If none of this makes sense to you because a government should not be capitulating to foreign powers in contradiction to its Constitution while being involved in the actual shootings of it own enforcement agents (Brian Terry) and (Jaime Zapata). What does make sense is that our government is involved in operations that most definitely do not represent the best interests of its citizens and is willing to allow foreign threats cause death and destruction in order to compromise our sovereignty. This is an ongoing, long range process that is being played out each and everyday.
Worldwide proliferation of MK-Ultra

Related MK Ultra type operations have been established in Europe and South America. Where you find senseless killings that a government is either unwilling or impotent to solve, you will, no doubt, run into such organizations. Yet, as opposed to lone gunmen these operatives like to work in teams Propaganda Due, P-2, Gladio, and the Red Brigades. In Central America paramilitary death squads surgically take out undesirables with extreme prejudice. In Guatemala the continually unrelenting murders of women in that country continue unsolved by a disinterested government and a society that is decidedly chauvinistic. Bloody rape killings go undaunted there among teens and older Guatemalan women and protests by outraged families of victims fall on the deaf ears of the government.
Time to wake up sheep!

Are these just the random occurrences of violence and killings among third world nations who are devoid of pity or is there a greater plan that lies just beyond the reach of general knowledge that is well financed and planned by the powers that be? Does it seem to you that the affairs of the world are spiraling out of control for some unknown reason? This is exactly what the NWO wants. Death without reason, fear, and confusion. This is how they rule under what George Bush senior once said in a 1991 speech as he alluded to a “New World Order”.



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