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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stores Begining to Ration Food

Some American stores are rationing staples like rice and flour according to Fox News. Fox News is part of the PROLEFEED SYSTEM.

In nature food shortages results in malnourished packs and herds leading to epidemics where the weak die. The legal term for this is an "act of God." When people play God let's call it what it is: GENOCIDE. In America we dump huge quantities of grain feeding chickens, pigs, cattle and sheep, and are fermenting bio-fuels to perpetuate our unhealthy culture. There are consequences: the underreported tuberculosis pandemic is killing 2 million per year, one in three people on Earth are carriers, and it isn't news... Consider the color of the skin of the people dying in this pandemic.

Take the current economic crisis in America along with the drought and the price of grain fed meat and all corn and soy products are going to shoot through the roof.

There will probably be a huge sell off of livestock at first so the farmers won't have to feed so many during the winter so the prices will go down at first.  After that LOOK OUT!

Kansas Farmers Cutting Losses Amid Drought  

Drought forces farmers to cut down crops



Midwest Drought Forces Nebraska Farms To Halt Irrigation


and now where I live in Illinois the farmers are saying that the soybeans are too far gone to save as well.

Lion's share of US crops to swelter into August


On top of all of this you have wildfires and the potential to lose entire farms to fire. 


It is going to get rough so i suggest you look at my survival blog with some serious interest.

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