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Monday, August 13, 2012

Movies, TV and Illuminati mind control

 I will openly admit that I am huge film buff. My favorite movies are horror, sci-fi, and martial arts films. I am currently reading "Hoodwinked: Watching Movies With Eyes Wide Open" by Uri Dowbenko. The book details the hidden messages in movies like "Blade", "The Passion of the Christ", "The Avengers", "X-Men", "Fight Club", "Kill Bill", and other movies. Some of the hidden messages in the movies concern the Illuminati, Mind Control, the NWO, the Occult, Satanism, etc. It is very much an eye opening book and seems extremely reasonable. I have read many scary articles concerning the supposed NWO/Illuminati's control over Hollywood and the Movie industry. This is the stuff that truly scares me about the possibilities of an NWO. Are movies really made with triggers for mind control victims? Or are these movies carrying these hidden messages with good intent of informing people of what is "really" going on as it would seem to be the case in Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut"? Is Disney really the family friendly corporation that we think they are? Or is Disney heavily involved in mind control programming and satanism? Was Frank Sinatra a "slave handler" for mind control victims? Was Marilyn Monroe a victim of Mind Control? Is Shirley Temple a victim of Mind Control?

Illuminati occultic Mind Control and Hollywood.
(yes star wars is occult!)


.....The artificial threat is further advanced through the mind control programming of Marxists and communists in Hollywood, radio, television, advertising, publishing houses, and the uFOOLogy movement all of which are in the complete control of the Illuminati and the Intelligence community. Fear is instilled through the incidental use of terror inspired by the cattle and animal mutilation by-products of the governments secret low level radiation monitoring, and the so-called alien abduction scenario induced by state-of-the-art and extremely sophisticated mind control operations.

The propaganda attack against the American People continues through movies. In Star Wars Luke Skywalker (Apollo, Horus, Osiris), the SON of a widow (initiate) goes in search of himself (Secret, lost Word, or Great Work). Jedi Knight Darth Vader (Osiris, Sun Father, Apollo, Doctrine, Lucifer, Master of the FORCE [magic] who has gone over to the Darkside (religion, nationalism, superstition) separates the Princess (the title signifies BECOMING) Lea (Isis - Moon - Church) from the Doctrine (illumination).

Luke falls in love with Lea and begins a sexless, but spiritual relationship with the Princess. This mystical union produces the child HORUS (falcon headed God) which, in the movie, is personified in the illumination of Luke transforming him into an Adept or Priest (Jedi Knight - Sun Son - Adept - Reincarnated Osiris - Apollo - God - Doctrine). He embarks upon a Quest in the Millenium (saviors always return at the millenium) Falcon (Horus as savior) to rescue Princess Lea which results in a confrontation with Vader who imparts knowledge (Intelligence - Fire) resulting in Luke finding the Holy Grail (Bloodline, Identity, Lost Word, Obelisk, Penis, Creative Force, apotheosis). With this knowledge he succeeds in reuniting (uniting in marriage) the Force (doctrine) with Princess Lea (Church) which reestablishes the Order of Jedi Knights (Congregation - full body of Adepts or Priests - sixth root race - evolved and matured mankind - God Race, Horus) producing chaos, rebellion, and the establishment of the New Dawn on the horizon (Horus Risen), the New Age, the New Atlantis, a New World Order, the socialist utopian world.

Same message in the Lion King. But this motion picture goes even further revealing the true malevolence of this deception. The Hyenas portray what the "Order" considers to be the "useless eaters of the world," blacks, Hispanics, and aboriginal peoples. The Lion is the symbol of the Tribe of Judah, the so-called Israel, Christian Identity, British Israel, International Zionism, the Anglo/Aryan race. Don't even think you understand any of this as "important". It is only the manipulation through which the Illuminati plans to wrest complete control of the world... in other words total bullshit.

The true history reveals that "King David" was never the ruler of the nation of "Israel" but conquered "Israel" as the King of "Judah". It was that war into which he sent off the husband of Bathsheba to be killed in the forefront of battle.

The three entertainment programs offered in the Luxor (source of light) Hotel in Las Vegas teach the same thing. Together they are called "The Search for the Obelisk" and is in reality the three degrees in six acts, the number of which is 18 or 6+6+6, the symbol of a man, the illumined man Horus, or the Priest Adept of the Mysteries. All of the "Profane" who attend this program of entertainment emerge as "Master Masons" without portfolio... like the education from Star Wars, the Lion King, and StarTrek, the indoctrination is embedded in the subconscious mind of all who see this propaganda.

These movies represent an insidious indoctrination of the Peoples of the world into the Doctrine of the Mysteries. Children are especially susceptible. If it continues throughout their young lives they are certain to join one of the secret orders or at least lend their approval. You must learn to read the "symbolic language" of the Mysteries in order to guard the minds of your children against the subliminal indoctrination which is being implanted into their eager minds.

Socialists who make movies have desensitized the nation (particularly impressionable youth) to violence and bloodshed. They have fostered the notion that anything goes as long as you don't get caught... that morals are bad. Motion pictures, television, and extremely sophisticated mind control operations are destroying our society.

Who among you really believes that all of a sudden and for no reason whatsoever young children all over the nation pick up firearms and decide to murder their parents, classmates, and teachers? How many of you realize that the majority of these children were receiving treatment (hypnosis and drugs) from mental health professionals? How many of you realize that it is these same mental health professionals who have created the "alien abduction" and "abused children" phenomenon which has surged across the nation? How many of you have ever realized that most so-called mental health professionals are self confessed Marxists. When are you going to stop being ignorant sheople? Have you ever asked yourself why these incidents always happen just before legislators must vote on important gun legislation?

Movies and TV

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