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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh How Times Have Changed

A family has been harassed by social services and police for the egregious crime of allowing their children to play outside in another example of how the nanny state is running wild in America.

I am sorry I wanted to post this here because I need to comment on this BULLSHIT!

I grew up in the 70's,  I Played in the street and came home when the street lamps came on. I did NOT have a cell phone nor did I have to "check in" every few hours.  I had homed cooked meals 3 times a day and snacks at night. I could carry my SHOTGUN to school ON THE BUS and have it in class with me so I could go hunting over the weekend at a friends house. I could get any firearm in my house at any time and go plink down my the creek because I was taught to respect firearms.

I could walk down the street at age 12 with a 410 shotgun and when a policeman pulled up the only thing he asked me was how I was, how school was and how my grandpa was.

I mowed yards to make money, I helped old men and ladies carry groceries to their cars or homes.  I knew which of my friends grandmas baked the best cookies, I learned how to hunt, fish, can veggies and fruits and make jams.

I didn't worry about getting dirty, I scooped poop from the barn or hog pen and ate sandwiches with the same hands (rinsed off with a hose) and never got sick.  I understood what hard work was and believe me it was hard hoisting 80 pound hay bails when you weighed 120 pounds.

I got to daydream and explore my creativity in school. I got to drive farm tractors and trucks down the county roads at age 10 and not worry about being pulled over.

I spent my weekends running around the farm playing cowboys and Indians with bows made of sticks and a shoelace. I spent my allowance on 3.00 records or 8 tracks.

I watched 3 channels of T.V unless the president was on then it was PBS time. I watched TV shows full of life lessons and family values like Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, Happy Days,etc. the most violent thing on TV was who shot JR on Dallas.

I went to family reunions and fished, played volleyball. Every holiday we gathered at grandmas house and had a BIG home cooked meal. Home made cookies and pies for dessert.

and when I got into trouble I got my ass TORE UP with a belt by my dad and then I would get it from my aunts, uncles and grandparents too. GOD FORBID I got into trouble at a friends house, I would get whopped there and then again at home.

If I got into trouble at school i would get a paddling there and whipped again at home after school OR my mom would come and paddle me too right there in the office.

I RESPECTED my elders or I found myself picking myself up off of the floor.
In contrast, today nobody knows who their neighbors are, and if your kid was spending time at a neighbor's house, it may be cause for alarm.

If you bring a finger nail clipper to school, you will be expelled and a mark will be placed on your permanent record.

If a parent or teacher even considers spanking their child, they may face child endangerment or CPS may come take your kids.

Heck, your neighbor who you don't know may rat your kids out for eating icecream, and then CPS will come and take your kids...

If a police officer contacts you, it's because you have been targeted.

The streetlights still come on during the evening, but they may be bugged, act as wifi, and may flicker at a rate similar to the tv or iphone, causing you to 'stay asleep'.... :-/

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