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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Understanding the real reason the military industrial complex created Al-Qaeda

In the quest for world domination,
the globalists need to take control of the masses,

to have complete enslavement, they need to have a military force
that could control the "asymmetric" nature of the general population.

They needed to reconstruct the military to do this.
They called this "The Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA)"

To get funding for this massive overhaul of the military
they needed a boogieman, an "asymmetric" boogieman.

So they created Al Qaeda.
The perfect 'patsy' - terrorists around every corner,
terrorists on buses, planes, in your shopping center, in your schools,
in your back yard, under your bed. Asymmetric: unpredictable, everywhere.

How to put you in a FEARFUL state:
Create a false flag.
Another "Pearl Harbor" Event:911.

This unleashed the floodgates - Trillions of dollars became available to fund the RMA
* Trillions of dollars were STOLEN from the American people
* Trillions of dollars were stolen from the Icelanders, the Greeks,
   the British, the French, the Germans, from EVERYONE

In order to create the new Globalist Military Force,
headquartered in the US,
active around the world as "NATO"
and built specifically to attack the asymmetric threat represented by "the terrorists"

But the "Terrorists" are not Al Qaeda
Al Qaeda was created to represent
the REAL Asymmetric Threat to the NWO:

We the People.

Their biggest, most deadly weapon is FEAR.

This ties in to a post made by Anti_Illluminati a year ago:

Once again, from the same workshop, 'Behavioral Influences Analysis Center (BIAC) Workshop', held in March 2008 at Air University.

This presentation was made by the Carnegie Mellon University group, CASOS.

I'll just let the images do the talking:

Inferring Adversary Intent & Estimating Behavior

From Raw Source Data to Simulation

Dynamic Network Analysis: Automap/ORA/Dynet
Annual Tools/Computational Approaches/Methods Conference

March 19, 2008
US Air Force Behavioral Influences Analysis (BIA) Center

Terrill L. Frantz
Carnegie Mellon University

Center for Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems

BTW: I want to emphasize this here - there was a reason why they made Al-Qaeda (this CIA Arab Legion masquerading as a bunch of ragtag fundamentalist terrorists) the enemy of the 21st century - one reason:


Previously, wars were symmetrical - wars were between nationstates or two opposing superpowers. SYMMETRY means - you know what to expect - your adversaries will be soldiers of a given country, and you pretty much know the rules and what to expect.

Now that you have supposed 'terrorists' and 'sleeper cells' - all of a sudden the enemy is de-centralized - there's no Al-Qaeda HQ so to speak - they can be anywhere. And they form independent social networks and they can use 'ideas'/'memes' to 'influence' others to join their ranks. And because the military's entire infrastructure was based on fighting a symmetrical threat, this 'enemy' all of a sudden justified the need for upgrading all systems so that they could meet 'asymmetrical warfare'.

See how they have perfectly mapped this Al-Qaeda archetype onto the general public? People in the 'mass' are 'asymmetrical' - they only form a bond through ideas, and social networks. So they need to regulate all that all under the pretense that there is a global enemy out there that operates by the same guidelines.

This should be pointed out more - because this explains in a nutshell why this entire War on Terror is really a War on the Public.

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