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Saturday, September 8, 2012

DHS “See Something, Say Something” Campaign Headed For A Mall Near You

Do you remember the Nazis, Do you remember the Commies, Do you remember all through out history the systems that were put into place to teach you to be suspicious  of everyone and everything.  To look for questionable: suspicious behavior in neighbors, co workers, family and friends.  Do you remember the WITCH TRIALS when people would just turn you in, pointing a finger at you to keep the focus off of them.

What happened then?  Well, They were taken away, arrested never to be seen again, and IF by chance you did see them again, they were not the same person.  They were usually a zombie, either drugged or tortured or lobotomized into their new personas. The "witches were killed., burned at the stake,   Christians and non Christians were killed for suspicion of Heresy.


It started harmless enough as the neighborhood watch program.  Just people living together in a community wanting to look out for each others property.  Then Came the war on drugs and Crime Stoppers where they paid you for snitching.  We had TV shows like Americas Most Wanted, and Cops, dig the bounty hunter and others that made it seem cool to catch the bad guys no matter who they were.

now we have See Something, Say Something and you are being taught and conditioned even more to  be suspicious  of everyone and everything.  To look for questionable: suspicious behavior in neighbors, co workers, family and friends.

To see a bag or a briefcase sitting on a bench and instead of looking and trying to find the owner of it as we did years ago and return it.  Now you call the police and they send in the bomb unit, SWAT team and the US Army to determine that it isn't a bomb OR they just go ahead and blow it up.  They use that and put that on the 6 O clock news to keep you even more afraid, even more suspicious  of everyone and everything.

Adan Salazar
September 7, 2012
Residents of Indiana and Virginia could very soon start seeing signs and pamphlets in malls encouraging “If you see something, say something.”
DHS See Something, Say Something Campaign Headed For A Mall Near You bartoncreek austin topimage
According to a blog post URL found on the Department of Homeland Security website, the DHS has partnered with American real estate company Simon Property group, the owner of 393 properties worldwide, on September 6 to “keep shoppers safe.”
Mark Rockwell at Government Security News writes, “Under a new agreement with the Department of Homeland Security, 20 malls in Indiana and Virginia will participate in DHS’ “If you see something, say something” campaign, with possible expansion to other facilities nationwide.”
Rockwell states a post appeared on the DHS’ blog page stating that DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano had announced a partnership with Simon’s CEO Tim Earnest.
The blog post in question, however, cannot be found on the DHS homepage. See for yourself:
DHS See Something, Say Something Campaign Headed For A Mall Near You dhsscreenshot
Interestingly, a quick search on the DHS site (query: Simon) yields results apparently related to the partnership, but when the appropriate search result is selected, no information regarding the partnership appears on the landing page.
The screenshot below illustrates the posting URL originally belonging to the Simon partnership post, however, for some reason or other, the content on the page has nothing to do with the partnership.
DHS See Something, Say Something Campaign Headed For A Mall Near You dhsscreenshot4
Why would the DHS want to keep mum about their partnership with the mall owner? Could there be a false-flag terror attack planned in our near future? Or are they just laying the groundwork for an introduction of more extreme security measures to be implemented, such as body-scanners and/or TSA grope downs?
Recently, the DHS brought attention to their snitch campaign when they began asking fans at sporting events to “help keep the country safe by reporting anything suspicious they see,” but the program has been “keeping us safe” long before that.
In December 2010, DHS expanded their “See something, say something” campaign to the Mall of America, who is not owned by Simon. The campaign involved “both print and video advertisements throughout the mall’s shopping and amusement park areas to help the thousands of daily tourists and shoppers to identify potential threats and suspicious situations.”
Also in 2010, we reported an announcement Napolitano made basically stating that behavior scanners would be making their way into sports events, rock concerts and shopping malls. The Hill article has since been modified after their controversial headline sparked outrage. (Again, by looking at the URL we can see the original title of this article was “Next Step For Body Scanners Could be Trains, Boats and the Metro”
As we’ve reported, the behemoth governmental entity, created on the pretext of external terror threats, has gradually (and arguably effectively) managed to realign its cross-hairs to target domestic threats, specifically Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” “reverent of individual liberty,” and people that “believe in conspiracy theories that involve grave threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty.”
Trumpeted as necessary for the safety and security of the public, the DHS’ snitch campaign, since its official implementation on January 1, 2011, has been incrementally conditioning unsuspecting Americans into welcoming a police state takeover wherein the TSA or DHS would be present at every public venue, be it federal building, sports stadium, high school prom, or even right in your community.
Instead of bringing about a safer society, programs like these actually breed suspicion, distrust, fear and contempt among the general population, essentially making participants lapdogs for the feds aiding in the search of a citizen domestic terrorist that does not exist.

WAKE UP AMERICA  We ARE Living in the times of old once again.  You NEED TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT THIS!

First they tortured a U.S. citizen and gang member  …
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a criminal

Then they tortured a U.S. citizen, whistleblower and navy veteran  …
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a whistleblower

Then they locked up an attorney  for representing accused criminals …
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a defense attorney

Then they arrested a young father walking with his son simply because he told Dick Cheney that he disagreed with his policies  … I remained silent;
I’ve never talked to an important politician

Then they said an entertainer should be killed because she questioned the government’s version of an important historical event  …
I remained silent;
I wasn’t an entertainer

Then they arrested people for demanding that Congress hold the President to the Constitution  …
I did not speak out;
I’ve never protested in Washington

Then they arrested a man for holding a sign  …
I held my tongue;
I’ve never held that kind of sign

Then they broke a minister’s leg  because he wanted to speak at a public event …
I said nothing;
I wasn’t a religious leader

Then they shot a student with a taser gun and arrested him  for asking a question of a politician at a public event …
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a student

Then they declared that they could label U.S. citizens living on U.S. soil as “unlawful enemy combatants” and imprison them indefinitely  without access to any attorney …
I remained silent;
I didn’t want to be labeled an enemy

Then they declared that they could assassinate U.S. citizens living on U.S. soil without any due process of law  …
I remained silent;
I assumed I wasn’t on a list

Then they threw political dissenters in psychiatric wards  …
I remained silent;
I didn’t want to be seen as crazy

When they came for me,
Everyone was silent;
there was no one left to speak out.
Inspired by the poem First They Came  by Martin Niemöller, which was written about the Nazis.

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