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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The mainstream media merry-go-round

This information may be old news to the folks that visit End the Lie and other sites like it, but the majority of the public still gets their news from the mass media, especially television, and they aren’t aware of the simple facts outlined in this article.  Maybe you can pass this along to someone you know who is still trapped on the mass media’s merry-go-round.
People don’t realize that when they are tuned into the mainstream media they are connected to “the man” and the “powers that be” – that is, big oil, big pharma, big banks, big government, and the like – because those are the groups that oversee and support the mainstream media.
The mass media outlets are the persuasion arms and sales forces of those groups and they always have been, in a manner somewhat similar to the establishment political machine.
The mainstream media outlets are extremely costly to own and operate so the owners and operators are all cut from the same cloth – the ultra wealthy.  Multi-millionaires and billionaires.  The ruling class.
The ruling class is rarely mentioned in the U.S. but it exists in every country and is made up of a very small percentage of the populace. This ruling class has most of the money and political influence.
Walter Cronkite on the Ruling Class (38 seconds)
The mass media are the voices of that ruling class – the wealthy establishment – and any viewpoints they consider to not be in their best interests will be omitted, or if mentioned at all, belittled.  Only information that is profitable to the ruling class gets into the mass media.
Bill Moyers sums it up very well:
“The biggest difference between the Russians and Americans was that Russians recognized that the ‘Party Line’ was propaganda from the ruling elite, and Americans who receive the ‘Mainstream Press’ fail to recognize it as ‘propaganda from the ruling elite’ and mistake it for ‘reality.’” – Bill Moyers, American journalist and commentator.
The mass media are public relations instruments and they are very slick.  We see good looking, well dressed, articulate and sincere looking people and what they say sounds like gospel truth.  It isn’t.  They’re just reading scripts.
In reality, they aren’t real journalists or newsmen and women, they’re actors that are paid to look and sound good and to recite the official stances and proclamations of big oil, big pharma, big banks, and big government.
The spokesmen for the mass media are merely salesmen, each with their own rhetorical style and with their own followers, but all of them are promoting the agenda of their employers.
That agenda is to sell us the products and schemes of the ruling class, to make lots of money for the media owners, and to “keep the lid on.”  That is, keep the general public pacified or afraid so we won’t become awakened and demand any changes.
The mass media are sheepdogs
Think of the mainstream as the herd and the mainstream media, mainstream politicians, and mainstream “experts” as the voices of the herd.  They are not the voices of wisdom or knowledge or genuine research, only the voices of people that have clawed their ways up to the most visible and lucrative levels of government and industry.
If you’ve ever seen a sheepdog at work you saw how one little dog can control and corral a whole flock of sheep by simply barking at the right times in the right places.  That’s similar to how the mass media works.
It has been called “managed” or “manufactured” consent.  By spreading certain information at certain times the media operators can manipulate the public, not just to buy products, but also to believe, behave, or vote a certain way.  And audiences don’t realize they’re being manipulated.  That’s why so many Americans don’t know:
* There’s little evidence that lowering cholesterol improves health
* The safety and effectiveness of vaccines is very doubtful
* Legal prescription drugs kill far more people every year than street drugs
* Economic recessions don’t just happen, they’re planned
* The same corporations fund the campaigns of both presidential candidates
* Foundations are tax shelters for the ultra-wealthy
* What BIS, CFR, SOA, PNAC, Agenda 21, Mossad, and Bilderberg are
* The FDIC that insures bank accounts has nowhere near the funds required to actually pay out
* The Federal Reserve isn’t federal, it’s private
* U.S. Military Gulf War deaths were 10 times the publicized number
* Global warming is a big money-making racket along with the energy crisis and wars in the Middle East
They don’t know these things, and countless other facts, because our mass media are owned by a small number of huge corporations, and they have stock in each other.  And they tell us whatever is good for business and little else.
“ABC is owned by Disney corporation, ‘which produces toys and products in developing countries where they provide their workers with atrocious wages and working conditions.’ It has 153 TV stations. Chase Manhattan controls 6.7% of ABC’s stock – enough to give it controlling interest. Chase, through its trust department, controls 14% of CBS and 4.5% of RCA. Instead of three competing television companies called NBC, CBS, and ABC, what we really have is the Rockefeller Broadcasting Company, the Rockefeller Broadcasting System, and the Rockefeller Broadcasting Consortium.” – Daniel Estulin, The True Story Of The Bilderberg Group, 2007.
“A list of the properties controlled by AOL Time Warner takes ten typed pages listing 292 separate companies and subsidiaries. Of these, twenty-two are joint ventures with other major corporations involved in varying degrees with media operations. These partners include 3Com, eBay, Hewlett-Packard, Citigroup, Ticketmaster, American Express, Homestore, Sony, Viva, Bertelsmann, Polygram, and Some of the more familiar fully owned properties of Time Warner include Book-of-the-Month Club; Little, Brown publishers; HBO, with its seven channels; CNN; seven specialized and foreign-language channels; Road Runner; Warner Brothers Studios; Weight Watchers; Popular Science; and fifty-two different record labels.” – Ben Bagdikan, The New Media Monopoly, 2011.
Leaving the media’s merry-go-round behind
I’ve assembled a few tips for anyone who really wants to understand what is going on.
Pay little or no attention to any arguments that pit one party against another.  They’re just finger-pointing politics and a distraction to keep us from noticing the real culprits.
The parties were created to keep us polarized and divided, and therefore powerless.  You’ll always get a lot clearer picture of any situation if you just “follow the money.”
Pay little or no attention to the latest villains of the day:  al Qaeda, Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein, etc.  Most of those villains, even if they are actually villains, were installed or created by western intelligence agencies like the CIA or one of countless others.  Follow the money again.
A former CIA operative and State Department expert on terrorism explains:
“What has happened is once the threat of the Soviet Union disappeared, we’ve got a lot of national security bureaucracies and other bureaucracies that are looking for a way to justify their existence, and many are scrambling to get the counter terrorism bonanza… They’re grossly exaggerating the problem. They are hyping it.” – Larry Johnson, former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency.
This tip also applies to the media’s scaremongering about the evil drug lords.
“In my 30-year history in the Drug Enforcement Administration and related agencies, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA.” – Dennis Dayle, former chief of an elite DEA enforcement unit.
If a person ever hopes to figure out what’s really going on they must disconnect from the mass media as much as possible.  It’s almost entirely propaganda, but it’s so well done you can get seduced by it.
Maybe it’s alright to check out the local events or a game, but avoid the network news like the plague.  It’s extremely prejudicial and biased but it’s so slick and well packaged, and the bias can be so subtle, that you are drawn into to it.  But it isn’t real news, it’s a sales pitch.  Don’t buy it!
A perfect, and disgusting, example of this propaganda pertains to the current riots in the Middle East.  We’re being told they are because of some anti-Muslim movie.  The people aren’t upset by our relentless bombing and slaughtering of their families and all the deformed babies from uranium bullets we’re shooting everywhere.  They’re OK with all of the misery and suffering and death, but they just really hate a bad movie.
“We sent Marines into Lebanon and you only have to go to Lebanon, to Syria or to Jordan to witness first-hand the intense hatred among many people for the United States, because we bombed and shelled and unmercifully killed totally innocent villagers – women and children and farmers and housewives – in those villages around Beirut. As a result of that… we became kind of a Satan in the minds of those who are deeply resentful.” – Jimmy Carter, 39th president of the United States, some years after he left the White House.
“We have shot an amazing number of people, but to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a threat.” – General Stanley McChrystal, senior American and NATO commander in Afghanistan, 2009.
There is a very good reason why the mainstream media is called “mass media.”  It’s because they are specifically tailored for the masses, to get control of our minds and our wallets, and to keep us herded and corralled.
Switching from the mass media to the “alternative” media is no guarantee that you’ll understand everything.  But not switching is a guarantee that you’ll be part of the herd forever.
“Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.” – Zbigniew Brzezinski, United States National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, and advisor to every administration since.
“We paid $3 billion for these television stations. We will decide what the news is. The news is what we tell you it is.” – David Boylan, WTVT station manager.
“We’re not in the business of providing news and information, we’re simply in the business of selling our customers’ products.” – Lowry Mays, Clear Channel CEO (Clear Channel controls roughly 1,200 radio stations).
“The corporate grip on opinion in the United States is one of the wonders of the Western world. No First World country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity, much less dissent.” – Gore Vidal.

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