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Monday, November 12, 2012


we are the breath of the universe.  without us it would not exist. 
without the universe we would not exist, for time and space are we, and we are time and space.
There is only time because we invent it in our mind, our conscience, our reality.

our blood is the water of worlds and the water of worlds is our blood. 
we only exist in our own minds and the minds of one another,
for when we are gone we are alive in the memories of those that loved us until we are forgotten. 
then and only then do we truly die.

or did we really live in the first place.
who or what defines whether we are alive or dead.
breath, memories?  for all are but concepts of time and space,
and all are only perceived by by those that are bound by time and space.
or are they that perceive such things only a perception of time and space
and will the universe miss you if you had never existed.

each part of us holds the building blocks to build another whole of the part.
Each part of our DNA holds the information to replicate each part of ourselves and to replicate our whole.
We are a hologram projection of what we perceive ourselves to be.
everything around us is but a holographic projection of what we want to see.
In truth, none of it exists except in our own mind.
Our bodies are vehicle of transportation to carry our conciseness through this holographic experience that is life.

We are all part of a collective consciousness, and our subconscious mind has been programed
so that we project the reality that has been programmed in us subconsciously.

for who knows if we are meant to be or are we a mear reflection of anther's dream, perception, or reality.
are we a physical reflection of ourselves or are we a spiritual expression of our psychic consciousness.

are we an outer body experience or an inner body experience projected on the astral plane from a thought,
an idea, a dream.

you only live once, or did you even live in the first place. 
we are but a spec in time, but time only exists because we invented it.

time is but glass.
and glass, like time, can be shattered.
we are but fragments of time.

Life is a ride nothing more nothing less.  we are only truly alive when we breath our last breath.
Have you ever really lived?  How do you know.  You can only truly appreciate life when you are about to die.
Only then does Life seem important, Only then do the little things matter.
Because after all, you never remember the little things until just before or at that final breath, that final heartbeat.
The moment your souls leaves you and continues on it's journey through time and space.
Then, and only then do we understand that we have spent our entire moment in this life fighting to live only to lose.

We are impotent against death, masters of our own universe but not the master at all.

What is Sanity, Is sanity only determined by the norm.  What is the norm.
Is it sitting day after day in front of a screen that tells you what to eat, what to wear,
what to look like, what our ideal job should be, how you should smell, where to shop, what to buy,
what to believe.

Corporations making money off of your inferiority, Governments controlling you through fear.
Do you really think that either care about you?!  You are but a piece of the machine.
Working your whole lives and for what?  To make more money for the wealthy?  To carry all of it with you upon your death.

You Have to have the best, the latest, the greatest.  You have to look the best, smell the best.
you feel the need to go out and buy what is popular at that time, and for what? 
Take this drug, take that pill it will make you feel better about who you are, to escape your emotions.
To make you feel good about yourself?!  To make you look more important to others around you.
To Make you feel like you are looked at as more important.  To be accepted into what ever it is you are trying to be accepted into.
To spend your entire life trying to be better than the other person.
You allow the corporate media to control you, you allow the govt. to control you.
You allow others to dictate how you should feel about yourself with out ever looking deeper than the surface of your outer appearance. 
And for what?
You question what, who, how, why.  Give me a book to read, tell me, show me.  Have you forgotten to look for it yourself?

Why have someone else or another entity show you your reality, your meaning of life.
That is for you and you alone to figure out, not for someone else to figure out for you.
Do you enjoy being a slave?  Do you enjoy having the chains on your mind.
Ask yourself, "Who is my Pied Piper"?  Who playes the tune that you follow.

Will it save your life in the end. because you have more money, because you have nicer things, because you are
better looking, will it keep you from death.  Will it guarantee your immortality.

Or are we all part of the matrix, our whole lives spent being programed to live and see the reality that is shown to us in our subconscious mind.
What is reality.  Could reality be what you make it to be.
Your reality is different from my reality because you make the reality you see in your mind
and it is different from the reality I create in my mind.

The subconscious mind receives the information for our conscious  mind which in turn interprets it into the 3 dimensional
holographic reality that we live every day.

And how is your reality determined?  Is it determined by those around you?  By your 5 senses?  By what you see, touch, smell, taste and hear?
Or should you reality be determined by who you are?  Who you really are.  Now what others around you say it is or what you see, hear, read, or do every day.

What you do in this life time will follow you through eternity.  It determines your place in infinity.

WE are here today and gone tomorrow.  WE are nothing but a puff of smoke that will eventually be carried away.
This world is just a temporary stop on a long journey into infinity.

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