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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman:An Analysis

Okay, So I just watched the new Spider man movie and here's my analysis on the movie from a subliminal point of view.

We have the number (or date)2016 multiple times in the movie as well as the numbers 5:40 on clocks and cell phones at different times in the movie.

We have a Bio weapon release in New York but yet the Oscorp building at night time looks EXACTLY like the SEARS tower  in the Chicago night sky.

We have the name of the equipment at the Oscorp lab that resembles the name Giuliani.

We have a scientist saying that humans are weak and mindless and need to be transformed.  This is where the trans-human agenda comes into the movie. 

We have Reptilians or lizard people  and we have humans being transformed into reptiles after a bio attack(not sure what to make of that).

I will have to watch it again a few more times but from my initial viewing this is what I have gathered from it.

In closing i would like to say maybe keep an eye out for a bio attack either in New York or Chicago sometime in 2016.  At this point I am not sure about the number 540 or 5:40 that is shown multiple times in the movie on clocks. 

Spider-man Illuminati Exposed


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