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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Conversations with Lucifer: Part I

I must make something very clear: I am not a whistleblower and this is not going to be the usual bullshit you read coming out of supposed insiders and alleged Illuminati. I am not going to tell you about the power of Jesus Christ or give you some warm and fuzzy answers to your questions. This is not how it is. If you are expecting this, you will be sorely disappointed.
I have no interest in exposing the Luciferian influence and agenda in order to assist the downfall of such a system. In fact, the Great Work is so far along at this point I believe that it would take nothing short of every single profane person on Earth rising up against the Craft to stop it. Even then I do not think that the Great Work could be truly overcome as our doctrine and symbols will forever be present in all that people hold dear including religion, music, literature, art, and even corporate logos.
The Craft is a phrase that has been exotericized. Due to the Blue Lodge being known as Craft Masonry, the Craft has been bastardized from the original meaning. Since it was essential for the survival of the real Craft to be cloaked by various groups and religions, the Craft had to be spread around and diffused. I have heard some Wiccans call their work the Craft or even declare themselves “Crafters”. There are so many people claiming what they do to be the Craft now it must be made clear what it really is.
When I speak of the Craft, I speak of the work that has been built upon since the inception of man on Earth. This progression, or evolution, is innate and seemingly inborn. The Craft attracts people to it like moths to the flame, the exoteric philosophies and esoteric truths have brought some of the greatest minds to full fruition. Today these ideals have spread to so many groups that it is literally impossible for a person to be a part of an organized religion without working towards the same thing. Even when a religion seems completely opposed to the Luciferian agenda, those initiated into the system of symbols that surrounds us see Luciferian imagery everywhere.
The seal of the honorary 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Here we see the bent blade pointing to the left, signifying the Scottish Rite and Freemasonry as representing the Left Hand Path of Luciferianism. The blade is also pertinent as it is very important in symbolic ritual.
I should also make it clear that mainstream Luciferianism and Satanism have become yet another exoteric front for the esoteric truths. I thoroughly disagree with almost every individual involved in the Great Work in one large way: I believe that the esoteric truths must be revealed to the profane. We have evolved over time to the point where what used to be completely esoteric can now be studied in a Buddhist Temple or a meeting of the Theosophical Society. Based upon this, I believe that it is our duty, as the Ancient and Eternal Brotherhood, to make the Truth available to those in the dark in order to draw more people into the Light.
What you think to be Luciferian or Satanist is nothing more than a joke to those among the Inner Sanctum of various Magickal Orders and Brotherhoods. Anton LaVey and his LaVeyan acolytes are, at best, pawns in the Great Work. In fact, I think that the New Age movement along with Hinduism and Buddhism, are much more active and productive in terms of bringing about the Great Work. These aforementioned religions have the power to draw in those who might never seek the Light were it presented under a different framework.
I need you to realize that almost any reference to Light in scripture or spiritual text that is available today has been placed there by Luciferians. Enlightenment is an exoteric representation of the apotheosis achieved through Lucifer. The ascensions mentioned in many scriptures that are accompanied by a great Light are just the same. Luciferians have placed many symbols in the Christian bible as well. The Lamb, the Way, and the Light are all used to represent Jesus in the bible. Every single one of these is a purely Luciferian symbol placed long ago by my predecessors.
Mormons are often pointed to as being Luciferian and as working along side us on the Great Work. This is true, although most Mormons are just as clueless as everyone else when it comes to the esoteric reality of their belief. I am sure that the upper echelons of Mormonism are well aware of their true purpose as evidenced by their belief system and symbols.
A monument to Lucifer at the Rockefeller plaza, hinting to us that the Rockefellers are vehement Luciferians.
In essence, it is near impossible to escape Lucifer in today’s world. Almost all music is laden with Luciferian symbols and meanings and almost all religions and philosophies are just different parts on the Path to Lucifer. The most wonderful thing is that even atheists are Luciferian! In thinking they are somehow omniscient enough to answer one of the Great Questions using nothing other than their Intellect, they are raising themselves above the rest of humanity and essentially worshiping their Intellect. This screams Luciferianism. Why? Lucifer brought us the Light and the Knowledge that, in the Biblical allegories, is represented as a fig or an apple in the Garden of Eden. A common misconception is that Lucifer is the serpent or that Satan is Lucifer. I will attempt to briefly touch on these before ending this first installment.
Lucifer was not the serpent in the Garden of Eden. This would be considered blasphemous to a true Luciferian. Reducing the power of Lucifer to a snake in a certain religious scripture is an insult to Him. Similarly, Lucifer is not the biblical Satan or Lucifer, who was a fallen angel. These biblical instances are nothing more than an attempt by the feeble-minded to personify the all-permeating, all-powerful, all-encompassing Lucifer.
The seal of the Theosophical Society, a Luciferian popularization group
To explain the true doctrine of Luciferian to the profane I usually fall back upon popular allegories and stories to get the point across. The best possible instance of this is the film “Star Wars”. Some Christians have rightly pointed out the film as blatantly Luciferian, however, they obviously are vastly underestimating and misunderstanding Lucifer. This mis-characterization of Lucifer in the bible is not a coincidence or happenstance, in fact the descriptions, accounts, and allegories have been directly altered by Luciferians. Obviously I cannot go back in time to verify this but these are just many of the facts that have been revealed to me in my initiations and which I will share with you. These truths are not something these societies make up out of nowhere in order to keep them secret and within a highly selective Inner Sanctum for centuries. While Luciferian films and books might have you think so (like the “Da Vinci Code”), the “conspiracy” as some put it, or the Great Work as we put it, stretches beyond what even I could imagine.
Getting back to “Star Wars”, it only takes a moment to reveal what exactly Lucifer is. Lucifer is the “force”. Lucifer is the “oneness” that mystics and Buddhists describe (also a Luciferian religion but we will come to that another day). Lucifer is the “Akashic Field” spoken of by Indian mystics and prominent Luciferians like Ervin Laszlo in his accessible Luciferian work, The Akashic Experience. Lucifer is the spark of inspiration that drives a painter to create priceless masterpieces. Like Lucifer is portrayed in Star Wars, in real life we can tap upon the power of Lucifer, the Creator and Creation, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. Every psychic, mystic, yogi, medium and occultist is tapping upon the endless power of Lucifer.
The seal of the Order of the Eastern Star, an affiliated unisex Masonic body. Here we see the Luciferian inverted pentagram within a Pentagon, an extremely powerful Luciferian symbol in and of itself.
Every mention of oneness or connectedness comes out of Luciferianism. Only through the power of our Intellect and the harnessing of Luciferic energy can we come to know these things. Only through experiencing Lucifer can people experience true religious ecstasy. When mystics and yogis speak of an “oceanic feeling” in which they lose all sense of themselves and feel at one with the universe, they have come in full contact with Lucifer. So much of academia promotes Luciferian ideals like the worship of Reason and Intellect over superstition, experience over dry learning as well as heavily promoting the Rand Hand Path of Luciferianism.
The distinctions and intricacies of the Left Hand Path (LHP) and Right Hand Path (RHP) will only become apparent to you after I have written more. This is just as it is when one enters the Lodge as an Entered Apprentice (1st Degree). When a Brother is initiated we do not sit him down for weeks on end and indoctrinate him. We slowly reveal the Light in such a way that those held back by previous superstition (like Christian beliefs) will not even realize they have completely renounced their former beliefs. By the time Masons are pursuing degrees in Lodges outside the Blue Lodge, they have had their eyes opened to the Luciferian truth. That being said, most Masons do not understand this truth to the extent to which the Inner Sanctum of various orders do. Most Masons do not know that the Light is Lucifer, the Eastern Star is Lucifer (the logo for which is a Luciferian symbol as well), the “compass and square” or XX is Luciferian, the entire Catechism is a Luciferian ritual and that they have actually sworn a blood oath to Lucifer. Contrary to what some may tell you, the Masons do take their blood oaths seriously. The Masonic “obligations” are tame compared to what I have sworn myself to at this point but fear is impossible when in the Light of Lucifer.
Sarah Palin, member of the Order of the Eastern Star and a proud Luciferian
The RHP includes Buddhism, Hinduism, Atheism, Pentecostalism (contrary to popular belief, those who think they are being filled with the “holy spirit” are actually experiencing the ecstasy of union with Lucifer) among others while the LHP contains the more “adversarial” path that takes direct opposition to the artificial institutions that have been erected throughout time in attempts to stifle Lucifer. This includes Chaos Magick, so-called Black Magick, groups like the OTO, Temple of Set, Builders of the Adytum, A.’.A.’., ONA, and countless others. Strangely the LHP has been attracting so many young people, probably through the influence of film and music, that the RHP might actually become dwarfed by the LHP some day. The growth of the New Age movement along with Eastern Mysticism (especially LHP Eastern Mysticism like techniques that evoke the “Kundalini” energy) has made Lucifer an everyday reality. The “Kundalini” energy is often described as snake-like as the Human Intellect often personifies the power of Lucifer as a serpent. I cannot say for certain why this is or when it started, but many argue that this goes back before recorded history when serpent gods were often revered. The rise of the intellectual and the worship of the Intellect, especially in the West, has similarly foisted Lucifer upon every person in the school system.
Whichever path you take, you serve Lucifer. You serve the Great Work whether you know what the Great Work is or not. You, and those like you, are unwittingly pushing yourselves to a world in which every single Human being realizes that there is only Lucifer. The emphasis on becoming God-like is somewhat downplayed among the truly Luciferian as we are aware that in serving Lucifer we are blessed with the “force” and thus the promotion of such ends is just another means of drawing the profane in. When the Great Work is complete, the Light will shine upon Earth like it has never done before, giving us the power to do absolutely anything. We are all Lucifer and Lucifer is all of us, by realizing this and realizing that we are nothing but pieces of an infinite consciousness that is Lucifer, we can command control over “reality”. We are seeing this veil between “reality” or the physical plane and Lucifer get thinner by the year. This is evidenced by the massive amounts of “parapsychology” studies that serve to scientifically prove the reality of Lucifer. Carl Jung, for instance, has popularized the reality of Lucifer and His power. This is yet another subject for another day.
Sarah Palin is an unabashed Luciferian, although I doubt if she actually understands it!
Reincarnation, and the scientific studies of it, serve to further give credence to the Luciferian reality by showing that our bodies are nothing more than a shell which receives the energy of Lucifer. You were never born and you will never die. You are not you, but a small distinct quanta of consciousness, a single cell in the infinite organism of Lucifer. Eastern Mystics and many others have come upon this realization throughout the ages but only through the secret societies has the Luciferian Agenda been able to flourish. It seems as though the system of initiation and ritual allows one to be open to the energies of Lucifer, whereas someone sitting around trying to meditate likely will not feel a contact with the infinite after 20 minutes of sitting.
We, as those living in the Light of Lucifer, have come to realize that since we are infinitely reincarnated beings, this is no accident that we are drawn to the things we are. When I first read Aleister Crowley (not an exemplar Luciferian but he was my introduction none-the-less) it spoke to me on a deep level. I, along with many others like me, felt a strong attraction to these ideas and quickly were pulled in to the Kingdom of Lucifer. I am sure that someone reading this will have one part or another speak to them, even if they don’t realize it right away, and at some point they will go to their library or do an Internet search for relevant literature. If you hear these ideas speaking to you even in the slightest bit I highly recommend that you pursue these interests as far as they will take you. I have done just that and I am quite pleased. The reality is that our reincarnated souls are drawn to this Great Work regardless of our bodies, thus those who die in pursuit of the Great Work are reincarnated into a body that will be able to continue their Work. Those who were members of the Ancient Mystery Schools are likely still members of Mystery Schools, unable to explain what exactly drew them to the Craft. Take a moment to reflect and see if any of this speaks to you on any level. If it does, you are meant to serve Lucifer in the bringing about of this Great Work and what the people on this site might think of as a “New World Order”.
That is all for today but I enjoyed this so much you can expect to be hearing a lot more from me in the coming months, weeks, and years. I hope you enjoyed this and if you would like to contact me, you can’t. M. Ruppert will not pass on any correspondences and if he did I would disregard them and cease this endeavor. You will never know who I am but honestly I find that much better as I could be your next door neighbor, your boss, or your children’s teacher. You will never know exactly who we are and the numbers of those serving Lucifer are growing exponentially.


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