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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Conversations with Lucifer: Part II – Q&A

Conversations with Lucifer: Part II – Q&A

By Bro. L.V.X.
I have been given some questions to address in this article and I will attempt to answer them in the best way I can within my constraints.
What is the difference between what he believes and a pantheist belief system?
“Pantheism is the view that the Universe (Nature) and God are identical.[1] Pantheists thus do not believe in a personal, anthropomorphic or creator god. The word derives from the Ancient Greek: πᾶν (pan) meaning “all” and θεός (theos) meaning “God”. As such, pantheism denotes the idea that “God” is best seen as a way of relating to the Universe.[2] Although there are divergences within pantheism, the central ideas found in almost all versions are the Cosmos as an all-encompassing unity and the sacredness of Nature.” — Wiki
Pantheism could be an extremely crude representation of Luciferian beliefs although it would only describe the monistic aspect. It does not address the symbolic, intellectual, ritual and experiential aspects. Nature is also not sacred within Luciferianism as if our True Will and Great Work require the destruction of Nature then it is in the Plan and it not of consequence to us.
Again, what is the “Great Work” and why is it so enshrouded in mystery and enwrapped in what must be considered highly effective ritual, such as the Scottish and York rites, and what is the largest impediment to its progress?
Has the Great Work progressed to the point where the individuals on the lower levels of Masonry are no longer required?  Is that why Masonry, in terms of membership, at any rate, appears on the decline?  Are the pawns, at this point, expendable?
Keeping in mind that, as I only imperfectly understand, these craftsmen often invert existing symbols, including those of the Bible, which they claim to revere, I wouldn’t be surprised if, on some level, they consider the “Verbum,” “Logos” and “Word” of God as equal to Lucifer and thus conclude that Lucifer is the Light of the World.  If they think this, it stands to reason that practically everyone and everything, to them, is “Luciferian.”  A question thus becomes who and or what is not Luciferian?
I have explained the Great Work thus far in some of the most concrete language I can, but I will attempt to answer this in a bit more detail. The Great Work is the worldly and immediate action taken in accordance with the Plan. Spiritual evolution requires a great deal of change to be made to what most people have become quite comfortable with and used to. The Great Work is the physical, political, operative action taken by those serving the Light to further the Plan. The Plan is Lucifer’s and His alone, we can only know part of this reality and it is the same with the astral reality. We know it is going to bring about massive change and evolution, eventually raising us to our rightful power we have lost and which has now become the stuff of legends and myths.
The Blue Lodge would never be eradicated even if it was not required for the Great Work. However, it is very much still required. Masonry might seem on the decline to those in the dark but those Brothers out there reading this are well aware that there has been a surge in Masonic membership recently. I cannot say why exactly this is, but I believe it could be due to people waking up to the reality of our power and the extent to which the Brotherhood, in all of its forms, commands over the world. A common misconception is that people will be wiped out immediately were the Great Work to place the Capstone. All I can say is that this is not the case, the pawns will need to be placed on the Chessboard for many more games in our near future. If you investigate certain realities that some people on sites like this cover, you might think that there would be some massive and sudden depopulation of Earth. If you dig deeper you’ll see that this is not the truth and we are already so far in the Great Work that the many of the systems are already in place and being utilized as I write this. There will definitely be sacrifices but pawns will be necessary until the Great Work is totally and completely accomplished.
The last paragraph of this question was quite insightful. Indeed the Luciferian Light is the Light of the World. The reality is that most people, conscious or no, are Luciferian. Those who are not Luciferian are so few and far between that they usually end up forcing the Brotherhood to adopt their teachings and pervert them in order to control the message. One example I can give you is Jesus Christ. I cannot get into detail on this issue but I can say this much: Christianity is ours, Jesus is not. Jesus’ original teachings have been mostly eradicated, watered down, or warped. People think Christianity is under attack by the many incarnations of the Brotherhood but this is far from the case. That is all I can say on this issue at this time.
Yes, I find this hard to believe too b/c if what this guy is saying is really true, then why are a good % of Masons Southern Baptists that are deacons AND pastors in their respective churches? Why are they putting out wolves in sheep’s clothing in the national spotlight like Rick Warren and Billy Graham to help Rome war against the church?
I find it incredible that the profane can be this blind to our Work. Reading statements like this always surprises me as I thought the nature of our Order was somewhat known to those obsessed with “conspiracy” and “truth”. To answer this question would be no different than picking up a homeless drug fiend and bringing him to a Stated Dinner, I just cannot stoop that low. I would be derided and likely expelled from most Orders if I were to answer any questions regardless of the fact that I am not revealing any of the true Secrets.
I would be interested to know which, if any, of the following is most illustrative of the so called Great Work’s success within the political sphere: 1) the creation of America ex nihilo; 2) the toppling of the French Monarchy and confiscation of Church property during the Reign of Terror; 3) Napoleon’s following Voltaire’s injunction to “crush the infamy” by imprisoning Pius VII;  4) H.P. Blavatsky’s reputed fighting for Garibaldi against the Papal States; 5) the abolition of the Islamic Caliphate and the aggressive secularization of Turkey under Ataturk; 6) the creation of first the League of Nations and later the United Nations; or 7) the Bolshevik revolution and what Churchill called the “worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization.”  More things spring to mind, but these would work for now.
America was far from created ex nihilo. Nothing in America was a mistake, including our first President being a Brother. The creation and governmental structure did not come from nowhere. The Reign of Terror was an illustration of the Great Work mostly in method, showing a perfect execution of ordo ab chao. Napoleon’s Work was meaningful and his brazenness was unmatched at the time. One must look no further than this painting to see what I mean:
H.P. Blavatsky’s contributions to the Great Work are rivaled by few. To reduce her widespread influence today in the social and political realm to that would be crude to say the least. The abolition of the Caliphate in any nation is a triumph for the Great Work as Islam is a useful tool in the Plan but the Caliphate pose as an obstacle to the Brotherhood’s control of the religion and the nations under its grasp. The League of Nations and the United Nations are some of the most shining illustrations of our Great Work’s success, one might also point to the back of the one dollar bill to emphasize this triumph. The Bolshevik Revolution and the entirety of the progression in Russia has been a success for our Great Work. If anyone needs confirmation, you must look no further than the leaders. Churchill’s characterization was not genuine, Churchill was a devoted Brother and was well aware of the future of the Plan and the necessity of the erection (and collapse) of the Soviet Union for the Great Work.
These are all of the questions I am able to answer today. Read my last writing here. I am not sure what the next topic will be but I am sure that M. Ruppert will take questions from readers in order to give me some ideas. I have also sent him one of my Masonic Bibles (yes they do exist) so maybe you will get to see some images of that, perhaps even by the time this article is edited and posted.

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