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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Conversations with Lucifer: Part III – Symbols

Conversations with Lucifer: Part III – Symbols

A seal depicted with powerful alchemical symbols and an Ouroboros, yet another common, powerful Luciferian symbol
By Bro. L.V.X.
Symbols have an inconceivable and ineffable power over the mind of man,  unconsciously the masses are controlled and influenced by seemingly meaningless signs, symbols, and sigils. This is not only an unconscious or covert process, as you can verify yourself through looking at the back of your one dollar bill. Every time you handle, exchange, and worship these symbols you submit you serve the Light.
One instance that comes to mind is the Jesus fish that so-called Christians so proudly displayed on their cars and clothing. The entire association with fish and the symbol being appropriated for this purpose is a purely modern concoction. The worship of the symbol of the cross is no different. The further you move toward venerating symbols and think of the symbols when you think of religion, the further you move down the Path.
Madame Blavatsky with a group of Ascended Masters who are better characterized as True initiates of the Great Brotherhood and servants of the Light and the Ultimate True Will
Madame Blavatsky, a phenomenal scholar and prolific author of several works that, to this day, serve as a subtle but powerful force serving Lucifer, and more importantly serve to proselytize people of all faiths. In my personal experience  and as the Brotherhood as known for millenia, the fact is that man is a hedonistic, self-serving animal. The beauty of the Light of Lucifer is that the promise of real pleasure here and now as well as in the afterlife instead of suffering for a God that is just a misrepresentation of the Light that has shone throughout time unto those willing to open themselves to it.
The Light has touched every religious tradition we know, thus giving us the important ability to exercise the beautiful art of syncretism. We can successfully draw out the esoteric from the exoteric, drawing in those who can see the consistent thread throughout these traditions.
The incredible nature of this is revealed to the initiate when they have proven themselves ready of entering the Outer Sanctum, as it were. It starts with noticing similarities in every religion and seeing an ability to draw these together into a cohesive whole. Then the initiate experiences the ecstasy of a momentary and weak connection with the Light and the initiate will forever be beholden to the power of Lucifer.
As you can see these powerful symbols have been used for ages. Here we see the downward triangle in the circle, a representation of the feminine aspect of the Kundalini manifestation of Light. Additionally we are shown that, in fact, Kundalini is a Left Hand Path tradition through the fire on the left arm.
Once one has experienced that sensation of energy shooting up one’s spine, or one of the countless other incarnations like the currently posh Kundalini. The similarity of this experience between every religious tradition from geographically isolated regions, even with massive temporal discrepancies, manifests in a few ways, just a couple of which I will touch upon.
The most prominent and persistent, a theme that has survived the Aeons almost entirely intact, is the serpent.
Wikipedia’s users have described this remarkable manifestation of the Light as the following,
“Kundalini literally means coiled. In yoga, a “corporeal energy” – an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal force or Shakti, lies coiled at the base of the spine. It is envisioned either as a goddess or else as a sleeping serpent, hence a number of English renderings of the term such as ‘serpent power’. The kundalini resides in the sacrum bone in three and a half coils and has been described as a residual power of pure desire.”

I have come to quite enjoy browsing Wikipedia and this seems to be no exception as it
A graphical represenation of an experience of union with Lucifer
characterizes, as best as possible, this serpentine energy. They wrote that it, “has been described as a residual power of pure desire” and I think this is a very accurate representation. This is the primal and powerful connection with our long divorced right to wield the powers of the Light. This unconscious and ever-present coiled snake resides in every one of us and when it experiences release it is a life-changing experience.
After a very brief search I came across some stories  and descriptions of individuals experiencing this primal desire to experience the Power. A website called “Anunda” explains,
“The experiences people attribute to Kundalini are the mental awareness generated by the energy-lifeforce moving through the negative vortices in the cells, releasing holding patterns of past limiting beliefs and trauma holding patterns.”
While this is obviously saturated with meaningless buzzwords used within the “spiritual” community, it is actually carrying a very accurate Luciferian message. Of course, all of those engaging in these Works are interfacing directly with Him and his all-encompassing Force, they are just told it is the “Holy Spirit” or an “Angel” or an “Ascended Master”. For those of the True and Only Brotherhood, the truly initiated, it is a fact of life that these are nothing more than masks, serving the same purpose as the symbols replacing various deities in various religions. The facade has changed since the Dawn of Man, the Light behind the curtain, however, has stayed the same.
The most key part of the above quote is the “mental awareness.” As I believe I mentioned in a prior writing here, one of the most key aspects of Luciferianism is the veneration and development of our Intellect. In this way, Atheists are without a doubt Luciferian as they worship the power of Reason to the point at which they can confidently say that they know exactly how the Universe works and that there is nothing other than Man. While they are sorely mistaken, the worship of Reason above all else eventually, and without fail, leads the supplicant down the Great Path. I hope that my writings here will serve as the impetus to push some of you reading this to pursue the drives you have and I implore you to follow your Will, as if these words ring True, you are meant to seek the Path.
Carl Gustav Jung was an illustrious academic and a closet Luciferian although it was far from hidden to initiates around the globe as the concepts were nothing more than an exotericized version of what the Brotherhood has been talking about for countless centuries. Jung gracefully turned one of the Great Mysteries of all Ages into something accepted as regular in classrooms around the globe. We are well aware that the success of our Enterprise demands we prepare the youth to embrace and eventually move us toward the completion of the Great Work.
Because of this, Jung and some others’ work is invaluable in our subtle, incremental exotericization of the Secrets. Jung very skillfully revived the concept of Akashic Records, yet another crude attempt to fit the Light into a descriptive box. The Light contains the Akashic Records, the future, the past, every Universe, every being, every consciousness, every single thing that exists is a part of the greater whole. By introducing the concept of a Collective Unconscious and reinforcing the knowledge we already know to be true: the human race is greatly affected by the symbols around them. When they are aware of the true meaning of the symbol and direct their energy toward it, quite powerful things can happen. Even in the case of the average Joe surrounded by corporate logos and architectural symbolism, never consciously recognizing the true nature of the symbols he worships while subliminally drawing the symbol into his psyche and processing it using our working connection with the Light: what is called our unconscious.
This is why meditation is such a powerful tool in calling upon the Light to serve your Will and the Plan, by dropping into the sea of our unconscious we are more susceptible to subtle connections to influences and bursts of insight attained through momentary connection with the Force of Lucifer.
As above, so below.
One of the most ever-present symbols and incidentally one of the most powerful is the Seal of
One of Kingsford's diagrammatic renditions of the Seal
Solomon also known as the Star of David among many other names. This alchemical symbol is especially powerful as a subconscious influence upon the masses surrounded by it because of its adaptability. The nature of the symbol is the hybrid of two opposing forces which can take any form as we see in the accompanying illustrations by Anna Kingsford, a Theosophist scholar.
This diametrically opposed paradigm of forces comes together to form the most powerful being, the force that encompasses both the feminine and the masculine, the Left and the Right Hand Paths, death and rebirth, destruction and creation, etc. This being, this union of forces, is none other than that masked as
A seal depicted with powerful alchemical symbols and an Ouroboros, yet another common, powerful Luciferian symbol
A Kingsford diagram
Lucifer. I say masked because the True Nature of the Luciferic Force and Light is continuously revealed throughout one’s existence and throughout our spiritual evolution. We will never know the most True Nature, the most Secret of Secrets, the Ultimate Light and Word until we attain Godhood and eventually Union with the Great Lucifer.
Through thousands of years of unconscious conditioning, conversion, control and even unconscious ritual and worship of symbols that give more power to the Great Work. Look at the smile on someone’s face if you hand them some free money and you will see just a glimpse of the power these symbols have over you and others. You might also try wearing a t-shirt with a Seal of Solomon (or Star of David if you’d like to call it that) crossed out, in order to witness the profane among the Jewish community think you’re a Nazi or some such nonsense. Of course the Jewish Mystics have done some of the most remarkable Works for the Light and the Plan, and once you realize what the Seal actually signifies, you realize the inexplicable ubiquity of the symbol among the Jewish community and elsewhere is just evidence of the powerful hand Brothers have had in the past shaping the future and laying the foundation upon which we now are building.
I highly recommend you start attempting to pay as much attention as possible to the symbols and themes around you. You might just find them speaking to a deeper part of your Mind, slightly out of reach of conscious thought. Do not resist these strange impulses, insights, and drives. This is your True Will manifest, and your True Will is nothing more than a manifestation of the Light, a manifestation which, if you Work hard enough, can progress beyond anything you currently think to be reality.

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