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Monday, October 31, 2011

You will never understand the purpose of TV until you see LOOKER (1981)

In 1981, the movie LOOKER exposed the cybernetic agenda and television programming of the future controlled by CIA/MI6 propaganda black operations. The common question after WWII was always "How could so many willfully serve such a completely genocidal, psychopathic, stupid, sadistic and ugly New World Order created by Hitler, King Henry, Queen Beatrix, Prince Philip, Rothschild, Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, Harriman, and Prescott Bush?"

It was mass mind control. The techniques established in WWII by the Private Federal Reserve controllers have only gotten better. Michael Crichton exposes much of what television is today and why there is no useful information but only perfected high definition mind control. Please realize that $billions of dollars and millions of work hours have been put in...

to create the news sets you see,

to surgically perfect the actors talking to you,

to mysteriously juxtapose important phrases/words/images that surround the target area of the screen,

to flash an all white screen at important moments of subliminal messaging,

to time faint voices and sounds from backroung clips that are supposed to be random and coincidental yet assist in overall programming.

Watch the movie LOOKER (1981) and you will understand the true purpose of TV, Smart Phones, Video Games, Jumbotrons, Websites Flash Animation, etc.

Watch the movie LOOKER (1981) and you will never watch TV the same way again.

More info about Crichton here:

He also did Coma, The Andromeda Strain, Terminal Man, Runaway, and 14 other novels many of which have been made into movies.

Michael Crichton was more than an author and director. His writings and movies have exposed elite future operations in ways we will never fully appreciate. He wrote under a number of fake names to keep attention from himself and allow a free flow of shocking truths to saturate the literary world. He exposed socialism in healthcare in the 1960's with the non-fiction book called "Five Patients." He publicly won the global warming debate before anyone ever knew a debate was going on. He exposed environmentalism as a cult when people were still deciding on paper or plastic. Here is a selection of pivotal speeches/debates he was involved with that slowed the NWO net-centric eugenics operations in the US and abroad...

Speeches-Crichton delivered a number of notable speeches in his lifetime.

Intelligence Squared "Global Warming is Not a Crisis" debate

On March 14, 2007, Intelligence Squared held a debate in New York City entitled Global Warming is Not a Crisis, moderated by Brian Lehrer. Crichton was on the for the motion side along with Richard Lindzen and Philip Stott against Gavin Schmidt, Richard Somerville, and Brenda Ekwurzel. Before the debate, the audience were largely on the Against the motion side at 57% vs 30% in favor of the for side, with a 12% undecided.[35] At the end of the debate, there was a notable shift in the audience vote at 46% vs 42% in favor of the for the motion side leaving the debate with the conclusion that Crichton's group won.[35] Schmidt later reflected on the debate in a RealClimate blog posting, conceding that his side's presentation was "pretty dull" and calling Crichton's debating skills "extremely polished."[36]

In the debate, although he admitted that man must have at some point contributed to global warming but not necessarily caused it, Crichton argued that most of the media and attention of the general public are being dedicated to the uncertain anthropogenic global warming scares instead of the more urgent issues like poverty. He also suggested that private jets be banned as they add more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the benefit of the few who could afford them.

Genetic research and legislative needs

While writing Next, Crichton concluded that laws covering genetic research desperately needed to be revised, and spoke to Congressional staff members about problems ahead. A Talk to Legislative Staffers Washington, D.C. September 14, 2006[37]

Complexity theory and environmental management

In previous speeches, Crichton criticized environmental groups for failing to incorporate complexity theory. Here he explains in detail why complexity theory is essential to environmental management, using the history of Yellowstone Park as an example of what not to do. Washington Center for Complexity and Public Policy Washington, D.C. November 6, 2005.

Testimony before the United States Senate

Together with climate scientists, Crichton was invited to testify before the Senate in September 2005, as an expert witness on global warming.[38] Crichton argued for independent verification of research used for public policy, and criticized the so-called "hockeystick" study, for reasons that were the subject of intense debate by U.S. Legislators[39] Committee on Environment and Public Works Washington, D.C.

Caltech Michelin Lecture

"Aliens Cause Global Warming" January 17, 2003. In the spirit of his science fiction writing Crichton details the fallacy of Carl Sagan's nuclear winter and SETI Drake equations relative to global warming alarmism.[40]

The Case for Skepticism on Global Warming

On January 25, 2005 at the National Press Club Washington, D.C., Crichton delivered a detailed explanation of why he criticizes global warming scenarios. Using published UN data, he reviews why claims for catastrophic warming arouse doubt; why reducing CO2 is vastly more difficult than we are being told; and why we are morally unjustified in spending vast sums on this speculative issue when people around the world are dying of starvation and disease.[41]

Science Policy in the 21st Century

We need better mechanisms to determine science policy. Crichton outlined several issues before a joint meeting of liberal and conservative think tanks. Joint Session AEI-Brookings Institution Washington, D.C. January 25, 2005.

Environmentalism as Religion

This was not the first discussion of environmentalism as a religion, but it caught on and was widely quoted. Crichton explains why religious approaches to the environment are inappropriate and cause damage to the natural world they intend to protect.[41] Commonwealth Club San Francisco, California September 15, 2003

The NWO may have expedited his mortality before he could finish a novel to expose all of the nano/cyber insanity. It was called "Micro" and he talked about it 3x before he died. He seemed excited about the project. He only got 1/3 done and the publisher had another author write the rest according to his outlines and notes. It is set to be available 11/22/11:

Here is the last novel he published himself:

Fricking eugenics genetic engineering insanity!

And here is the second to last novel he wrote which exposes the CSIS plot involving global warming cultist eco-terrorists:

This f**king guy was sticking daggers into the New World Order every time he took a breath of air. He was the real deal, ain't no doubt in my mind. Get anything you can on this guy and relish it, I have never seen anything to compare to his amazing mastery of communicating real and present dangers to our national security and humanity itself.

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