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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manhattan Project 2.0 part 2

Part 2: The AGI Panopticon
Page last updated: 7/15/2010

Part of this new technological era is the "AGI Panopticon". The stage is set that literally every minute of our lives will be monitored & cataloged by AI's. This system is already at levels beyond that envisioned by George Orwell in his classic novel "1984". A "Panopticon" is a type of prison building designed by English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in 1785. The concept of the design is to allow an observer to observe (-opticon) all (pan-) prisoners without the incarcerated being able to tell whether they are being watched, thereby conveying what one architect has called the "sentiment of an invisible omniscience."


On the way to school they face being monitored via microphones while riding the bus, iris scanning at the entrance, and then they're under the watchful eye of cameras and on duty police, including cameras in the restrooms and in some cases inside the actual toilets, and at lunch they might have to pay using their thumbprint. Finally, when they go home they have to worry about being recorded by camera and microphone by school issued laptops while being tracked with GPS trackers.

Perhaps in a few years the system will start installing full naked body scanners into schools like are going into all of the airports. As adults we're being trained to be subjected to being frisked or filed into a naked body scanner, which are meant to become mandatory. You would never see a government official go through one of these and then post the images online, yet in the UK even children are supposed to go through them even though it violates child pornography laws. All of this over a 'panty bomber' plot that didn't succeed, where reports suggest that the scanners wouldn't have caught him, while the real problem was that he got on the plane without a passport. All of this being conducted by the TSA, while Obama has appointed a controversial spy figure to head the agency. It's no surprise when we hear reports of maniac TSA employees power tripping over citizens and literally declaring themselves to be god. If you think they aren't databasing these images you better guess again.

In Our Homes
We're not even allowed to have privacy in our homes. It used to be illegal for any level of government to tap our phones without a warrant. But then Bush's FedGov unilaterally decided it would, and after breaking the law the Democrat Congress adjusted the 'laws' to allow it while giving telecom companies immunity. Obama campained on stopping telecom immunity, and then immediately moved to protect it. Now the Army, NSA, FBI (more), Justice Dept. and others do it anyways with an ongoing record of abuse, while storing untold amounts of data in vast databases. Under the "Patriot Act" they can literally break into your home without anyone's knowledge and go through your things and plant bugs, which opens the door to the planting of false evidence. They peek into our mail. Popping up in neighborhoods are police cameras with high-res night vision lenses than can zoom into peoples windows. Every census has them asking ever more personal questions, this time asking virtually everything, while having the census takers use a GPS transponder to mark your front door into their system. This is precisely what they used to do in the Soviet Union. Today it appears on virtually all fronts that despite out living the Soviets, the US federal government has become the enemy and makes those who criticize it enemies of the state.

Online Activities
When we're being targeted, it can be assumed that we're the enemy. We're especially targeted on the Internet. Not only do many of the relevant Internet companies store our personal emails and surfing habits, they're pushed by various levels of government to do so for at least 5 years. Between the Pentagon, Air Force,  DARPA, CIA, FBI (more), NSA, EU and local police we're monitored browsing the web, using all of the major social networks and in online video games. In case you assume they don't have enough people to do all of this, they're using AI in countless forms to catalog and chronicle all of the data they can. They even use AI to assess bloggers moods & opinions, for "hate speech" and other "subversive" behavior. All of this for domestic citizens, as now the "terrorist threats" are citizens from "supporters of the Constitution", to "Luddites" and "conspiracy theorists" who complain about all of this Big Brother technology invading their rights to privacy. Next Obama is moving to create an ID token "Identity Ecosystem" designed to remove passwords from everything we do, where instead our personal names are tied to every single electronic device and component therein, right down to the flash memory chip you plug into your digital camera.

Then when we try to leave our homes it's the same story. You walk out your door and a military satellite might spot you. Then you get into your car, that has an increasing chance of being equipped with trackable GPS. You're tracked as you drive down the road to have your face and license plate and scanned by cameras that mail you your traffic ticket via robotic automation. Mandatory black boxes are being proposed for all new vehicles that record even more data. Stop in for a tattoo and you might falsely get caught up in an FBI investigation. Our airfare travel and border crossings being recorded, travel funds even being frozen, yet illegal immigrants are allowed to run rampant in border regions causing an escalating drug cartel warzone situation. This crisis is caused not just by a flawed border policy, but by us not being free to do what we want with our bodies. According to the federal government, even when states decide for themselves that it is, but this is beside the point. Biometric ID cards were first proposed to domesticate the illegals, and now they're about to be forced upon us all as an unconstitutional National ID, while the Fed's are setting up a National Biometrics Agency. Also consider that vice president Joe Biden once promised Supreme Court justice Roberts that one day he'd have to rule on whether or not everyone would be forced to take an implantable microchip to track their whereabouts via satellite.

Cell Phones
We're being "Reality Mined" via our cell phones. Even if you try to walk, your cell phone has tabs on you. Under Bush the precedent was set for us to be physically tracked via both triangulation and GPS and to be monitorable in real time via the microphone or camera. Obama's Justice Dept. fought in court in 2010 to keep it active. Even if the phone is turned off, the feds and police can still activate the microphone. You literally have to remove the battery to stop it, while the more sophisticated phones like those made by Apple and Google have increasing methods to be able to study our behavior, and to condition us to actually enjoy being tracked and monitored 24/7. These phones have the ability to transcribe all of our conversations spoken within the phones microphone range to be cataloged, which is a particular threat to business people considering you're literally trusting all of your trade secrets and insider information with corporations like Google who have their own automated shopping system. The Google Android phone even has a free app that 'lets' you take a snapshot of your eye's iris so they can store it in their NSA databanks, while the army is developing high speed iris scanners that scan rapidly scan entire crowds of people. Next Homeland Security wants private industry to integrate smell sensors into out phones, while DARPA is trying to scent sensing capability able to detect, track, and even positively identify people and detect “aggression or hostile intent”.

Just as the public is gradually discovering the world of biometrics, newer neurometrics are becoming commonplace. In recent years scientists have managed to use brain imaging to read the human mind. Successes include being able to see what a person is seeing, knowing who a person was spoke to and what was said, what number a person has seen, memories of where someone been, where thoughts of familiar objects occur inside the mind and predictive analysis of what a person is thinking about. Today these successes and others has the military and other security agencies pushing for checkpoint based as well as mobile mind and behavior scanners. Desired and even existing products range from airport screening mind readers, micro-expression behavior scanners, voice analyzers, binoculars from Northrop Grumman to detect threats through brain activity, super sensitive lie detectors, and voice recognition software that reads peoples brainwaves.

Next we have DARPA's Total Information Awareness program. TIA was to be about gathering and linking every scrap of data possible on people through massive artificially intelligent data mining supercomputers, and then to create complex maps of every possible connection people have to one another. Even private banking records aren't safe from government prying. Initially Congress ruled to shut it down as being unconstitutional, but it didn't take long before it was parted out amongst the various expected agencies of interest, all connected under Homeland Security. After a few years mainstream media reports of it still being alive began to surface, and the new Democrat congress did nothing to stop it.
FBI Surveillance is to the hilt unconstitutional, and surveillance software is expected to quadruple by 2013. Today Fusion Centers are being set up in every state using the TIA framework, manned by military, federal and state police officials, all under Homeland Security and endorsed by Obama. All of this data cataloging of virtually everyone, even though it's proven that datamining doesn't even work at tracking terrorist cells. Maybe a new Domestic Intelligence Agency can solve that?

Despite cyber security being overhyped as usual, the military with Homeland Security and the NSA have created the Office of Cyber Command (CyberCom) "as a unified, sub-division of U.S. Strategic Command to operate the Defense Department's information resources of 15,000 computer networks across 4,000 military bases in 88 countries". The modis operandi acronym for this thrust is C4ISR, which stands for “Command, Control; Computers, and Communication Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance”. Overall efforts in this domain are filled with controversy. Obama's first Director of the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) quit after less than a year, stating that the nation's computer security efforts poses "threats to our democratic processes." Obama's replacement lacks accountability not even being allowed to testify before congress. Other agendas include making it a serious crime for using file sharing networks, to an "Internet Kill Switch" that can shut down the web or sectors of the web considered a threat, to it being used in the War on Drugs (much like the Patriot Act and Homeland Security are). Various powerful AI agents are being developed for all of this. One is the Ubiquitous Network Transient Autonomous Mission Entities (aka Cybots) program that a team of researchers is developing at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Another is called CyberStorm developed by a private company named Trusted Computer Solutions. Another is an NSA program called "Perfect Citizen".

AGI Panopticon
All of these tracking systems are being integrated into a pervasive and ubiquitous 3 dimensional real time global surveillance system. Stopping global warming is stated in the first paragraph of the official description of NASA's "Planetary Skin" global nervous system. As Hewlett Packard prepares the nerves for it via technologies such as "smart dust", IBM is working with DARPA to build the "global brain" AGI system to hook it all into. All of this tied together via the military's "Global Information Grid". The EU has the same idea as they're building a global monitoring system being designed to also predict into the future. It's no wonder there's all this talk about a global government starting with deep US & EU integration. This goes beyond just having a bunch of everyday cameras on the street. It's about a full scale real time 3D monitoring system composing all different sorts of state of the art AI enabled predictive sensors from smell to imagery, from below to above from ground to satellite.

DARPA programs that are part of the AGI Panopticon include:

Mind's Eye, Fine Detail Optical Surveillance (FDOS), Flow-based Information Theory Tracking (FITT), Persistent Stare Exploitation and Analysis System (PerSEAS), Exploitation of 3-D Data (E3D), Urban Reasoning and Geospatial Exploitation Technology (URGEnT), Standoff Precision ID in 3-D (SPI-3D), Persistent Operational Surface Surveillance and Engagement (POSSE), Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance - Infrared (ARGUS-IR), Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CT2WS), Fopen Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Tracking and Engagement Radar (FORESTER), NEOVISION2, NetTrack (NT), Harnessing Infrastructure for Building Reconnaissance (HIBR), and Conflict Modeling, Planning, and Outcomes Experimentation (COMPOEX).

The combination of all of these aspects would have this system able to see through trees, walls and deep into the ground; while having billions of sensors of all types and sizes spread out across the earth; in and on everything. And guess who gets to pay for it.
Prey on the Weak

These graphs begin when the Dept. of Education was founded.

We're being targeted as children with social engineering indoctrination, to be desensitized to perpetual surveillance, while being systematically dumbed down. Every year school children's productivity scores twirl around the downward spiral, despite increases in Dept. of Education spending annually. You get what you pay for. Today when we're born our DNA goes into a federal DNA Databank. Next the children are targeted by manipulative marketers openly bent on turning them into mindless brand loyalist consumers via TV and other forms of media.

Stop The Neo-Luddites

There are already efforts to demonize "Luddites" or "Neo-Luddites" as terrorists. People who oppose technological progress are generally called Luddites. It was a late 19th Century movement with the most famous case being the more modern Unabomber. Today if you opposed the Big Brother AGI Panopticon that gets you the stigmatized label Neo-Luddite.

In 2009 Homeland Security released a document titled "Domestic Extremism Lexicon", which listed Neo-Luddites as terrorists, right above "Aryan prison gangs". This document followed the 2009 "MIAC Report", which listed opponents of global government and forced RFID 'Verichip" implants, as well as the supporters of third party candidates such as Ron Paul, as potential militia terrorists. In a 2008 paper written by Cass Sunstein, head of Obama's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, said that "conspiracy theorists" need to be infiltrated, which sounds an awful lot like a modern COINTELPRO.

Richard A. Clarke, former conterterrorist czar and today special advisor to Obama, wrote a fiction forewarning book "Breakpoint", that tells a tale set in 2012 about Luddite terrorists. The Luddites are trying to stop a global artificial intelligence network dubbed "Globalgrid" & "Living Software" that was being built by DARPA, NASA Ames and the Googleplex with help from Carnegie-Stanford.

Then we have Dr. Michio Kaku, a top level transhumanist technocrat elitist, who says those who oppose global government & transhumanism are "terrorists". You might have seen him in his 3 part BBC documentary "Visions of the Future".


Protesting virtually any issue out there gets you added to terrorist watch lists, especially now that the Pentagon has labeled protesting "low level terrorism". The Obama administration wants it so that if you're put on a terrorist no fly list you can't buy a firearm, without any conviction, while 6 years old kids have been rejected at airports for being on the list. So if you protest any issue you might not be able to travel or buy a gun. And if you do protest you may face brutal consequences.

Police riot squads already have or are developing a daunting array of Milspec sophisticated "non-lethal" weapons including sonic cannons, microwave pain beams, optical 'vomit beam' guns, shotgun and grenade launcher fired tasers, "Shockwave" swarm fired taser batteries, crowd blaster tear gas launchers and discuss other sickening things like chemical neurowarfare and microwave beams that will rain pain from the sky for use against demonstrators. Odds of facing these weapons are higher than you'd think, as at protest after protest police agent provocateurs are busted vandalizing businesses and burning cop cars to justify beating and arresting crowds of protesters. Under the "Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010," introduced by Sens. John McCain and Joseph Lieberman, you might even be detained indefinitely without trial for dissent.

Police State

The growing trend for the past several decades has been the militarization of the police, turning them into a standing army. There is now even a NORTHCOM marine hit squad brigade has been tasked with Homeland Security objectives, including the stomping of protesters. All of this is a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, passed in 1878 to prevent the federal government from using the military for law enforcement.

Every year whichever president is in office signs new executive orders further consolidating the military takeover of the US, and Obama is no exception to this rule. We're already under a state of de facto martial law, as we've been under a state of national emergency since 1995, and these executive orders are always written under the context of a national emergency. It's also worth noting that by de facto 2/3 of U.S. citizens live in "Constitution Free Zones".

Obama signed Executive Order 13528 establishing a "council of governors" to consolidate power over the National Guard. Laws are constantly introduced and even passed giving the military and federal government the 'legal right' to detain us in secret, against the foundational concept of Habeas Corpus, with no legal representation, indefinitely, where we can be brutally tortured and even 'disappeared' for ever. Whether or not you think that would ever happen is irrelevant, as this is already chiseled in stone. Ask yourself why they'd install such measures, and ask yourself why they'd have hundreds of designated civilian internment FEMA / Halliburtan / military camps (with barbwire pointing inwards) for detainment and civilian labor.

With all of the police and the half a trillion dollar plus budget military, ask yourself for what valid reason Obama has said repeatedly that he intends to set up a civilian national security force "just as large, just as well funded as the military", that includes a mandatory draft and youth snitch brigades. Ask yourself why Homeland Security is training the Boy Scouts in SWAT team gear and tactics, on mock missions to subdue an Iraq War veterans.

Ask yourself why the military is constantly setting up checkpoints and patrol streets in cities across the US. Ask yourself why the military runs drills in US cities, that include foreign troops, doing mock roundups of groups of US citizens. Ask yourself why FEMA has a system of over 50,000 religious "Clergy Response Team" ready to help round up guns, and to snitch on potential freedom fighters that might go to their local religious leaders for rest. Ask yourself why the Bush administration said they could massacre US citizens.

Wake Up Call

Ask yourself what these things have to do with terrorism, when the policies and actions of the federal government are what is pissing everyone off domestically and around the world. Ask yourself why each new administration is more secretive than their predecessors, with Obama's being worse than Bush's even after all the "change" he campaigned on. Ask yourself why the military is openly and deliberately training kids to be killers via video games, and why they're making the interfaces of military equipment based on games, when 1 in 3 homeless men are military veterans.

They Don't Need Us

The military is pushing ever harder for an all out robot done military force. The Air Force already has its first entire drone fighter wing. Obama expended the war into Pakistan using drones, with a bruised record so far. Ground based drones already come with extensive weapons platforms, and nearly fully autonomous automobiles. Drones are being readied for police functions including squashing protests, while police are already using them in the US for surveillance.

They're already autonomous, but currently the ability for the drones to fire on targets is disabled. But DARPA and friends such as Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing push forth for more powerful drones of different variants, with MESH grid connectivity. Mad science research has robot AI learning how to deceive to reach their objectives, and to learn evolve predator-prey strategies. For years mad scientists have had radio controlled rats, cockroaches, monkeys, dragonflies and more, but the problem is these aren't self-guiding to their missions, can't see through walls, and aren't as good for hooking into the hive mind.

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