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Monday, August 13, 2012

Executive Order Imposes Martial Law On United States

Recently Barack Hussein Obama signed into existence “National Defense Resources Preparedness,” an Executive Order which will afford the president dictatorial powers over the nation and the American people whenever he chooses to implement it.
Some of the more important—and frightening—dictates of the Obama decree:
The President can place the Order in effect virtually whenever and for whatever reason he wishes. Although related to the Defense Production Act of 1950, written as a result of the Korean War, the current Executive Order makes it clear that the nation need not be at war or threatened with aggression by outside forces to be implemented. The Order specifically states that it may be activated in peacetime.
All actions of the Order are ultimately controlled by the President. Obama has appointed the National Security Council and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano as the “integrated policymaking forum” for all Order policies.
All commerce will be conducted according to the demands of the President. All “services, materials and facilities” may be commandeered by the President “as deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense…”
Regulations will be issued by the President’s representatives, establishing nationwide standards and procedures of production. The entire economy will literally work under the President’s direction. He and his representatives will also decide how all important resources shall be apportioned. They will “control the general distribution of any material (including applicable services) to the civilian market.”
The President’s representatives will have authority to grant or guarantee loans for the production of goods and materials or to “create, maintain, protect, expand or restore domestic industrial base capabilities essential for the national defense.” They may also “encourage the exploration, development and mining of strategic and critical materials…” Apparently oil may be sought only after the President has become a dictator.
Manufacturers will not be permitted to produce or sell goods unless authorized by the President. Anything produced will be made available for the President’s (that is, the nation’s) use before it may be offered elsewhere. The President’s representatives have authority to take over privately owned companies, plants and facilities, modify them, add or delete equipment and “authorize” production schedules. In short, private businessmen will be told what to make, how to make it, how much, when and for whom.
The Director of Selective Service and the Secretary of Defense will decide who will be inducted into the armed forces and who will be deferred.
In addition to those powers listed above, the President will also control all civil transportation; all forms, supplies and suppliers of energy; farm equipment; all food resources; food resource facilities; all water resources; health resources; strategic and critical materials and national defense.
And there are two additional items to consider. Janet Napolitano will be in charge of the National Defense Executive Reserve program. NDER refers to individuals recruited for specific tasks based upon specific abilities. And though they might be builders, they could also be mercenaries armed by Obama to “control” an unruly populace.
Also, emergency preparedness mandates of Obama’s Executive Order will be carried out according to title VI of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief Act. Managed for years by FEMA, the Act is known for its creation of “temporary housing” facilities for displaced persons also known as FEMA camps.
As the American people consider what Obama has done, it is also necessary to ask why. Does he know or expect something the American public does not? And how will the enslavement of 300 million Americans make the United States better prepared for the requirements of “national defense?” Sleep well, America.

The FEMA list of Presidential Executive Orders

On February 16, 1962, President John Kennedy signed several Executive Orders which would allegedly give certain dictatorial powers to appointed bureaucrats in the event a "National Emergency" should be declared by the President — whichever president is sitting in office at the designated time. At the president's discretion "in any time of increased international tension or economic or financial crisis", the E.O.'s could theoretically be enacted.
These E.O.'s signed by Kennedy would give authority to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to control: communications, energy, food, fuel, farms, transportation, highways, railroads, inland waterways and seaports, health, education and welfare, drafts citizens into work forces under government supervision; relocation of populations, designates areas to be abandoned as 'unsafe'; relocates communities, and controls all public storage facilities.
On February 27, 1962 Kennedy signed E.O. 11051 designating FEMA as the authorized agency to implement the above orders, and which authority can be re-designated by the original authority.
President Nixon signed E.O. 11490 combining all the above to be enacted in one fell swoop; on July 20, 1979 Carter added a few minor amendments to them; and, in June, 1994 then president Bill Clinton signed E.O. 12919, which appears to encompass all of the E.O.'s.
We have found no Executive Orders that would nullify any of the above, so it appears they are all considered to be on the books at the time of this posting.
Given there is no Constitutional authority for any president to declare a "National Emergency," we have wondered how the orchestraters of this plan expected to successfully execute the E.O.'s.
The plan for total control of every aspect of our lives has been under construction for a long time. As you read these executive orders, bear in mind that they mean nothing by themselves. They are not law, nor can they become law by and of themselves.
However, under legislation that is currently pending in most (if not all) states, they could potentially take on significant meaning.
The Emergency Health Powers legislation, pending in state capitols all across America — if passed — would give the governor the power to declare a state of health emergency by executive order. He then would be able to hand the reigns of power to whomever he chooses — including the state's emergency management agency, which could essentially act as an arm of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Apart from — and sometimes combined with — these Emergency Health Powers Acts are varying forms of "anti-terror" bills that are virtually redefining the words "terror," "terrorism," and "terrorist."
States are busy right now, creating their own versions of the federal Office of Homeland Security. These state offices will oversee the process and details of the implementation of these orders. That is why it is so critical to get the legislation stopped in the states. For more information, or to read the bills we've compiled, go to the War on Americans is in the States section of this website.
After you're done reading these executive orders, you might wish to print them out and take them to your state legislators, to emphasize to them the importance of defeating the bills that are currently pending, that would be the final piece needed to implement the controllers plans.
And now, the list:

In addition to the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, other dangerous bills are being introduced at the State Level. Terrorism Bills have passed in some, are being introduced in others. In this section we'll provide general information on the MSEHPA; current updates of the action as we get it and networking support. Your input is critical to the end results. Search your state government in here.
Webmaster's note: We will be adding states to this section as individuals join the fight. We will attempt to keep you updated as to what is happening in each state's legislature.

Background Information

Introduction to This Section
"If 20 to 25 million people began moving in the same direction. . . contacting, meeting with, informing, educating state legislators and local officials what miracles could happen?... So then, you must honestly search your heart and answer to the question: what are you willing to do?"
How Unconstitutional State Laws Get Passed
From our State's Rights Section
IMPORTANT: When State governors and legislative leaders are ordered by the "powers that be" to get an exceptionally onerous bill passed, it is done so by various devious methods. We'll list some of their methods here, as we believe that forewarned is forearmed.
Jackie's Alert to the E-Mail List
The call for action as it was first discovered the legislation was introduced in Pennsylvania.
Read the Model Legislation
From our "Safety" section. This link will open in a new browser window. After you're done reading the proposed legislation, close the window and you can continue on this page.
Related Information:
USA Patriot Act in the States!!
"[Cal Gov]Gray Davis has proposed that his state's police agencies be given the same authority to fight terrorism that Congress recently gave the feds...What he has in mind is a state version of the insultingly named USA Patriot Act... But you better watch out. Because already other states are asking for the same authority. All this is being done in the name of anti-terrorism, but the expanded powers could be used for any purpose approved by a court — a state court at that."

— Washington Post, January 10, 2002
States That Have Introduced
a Form of the MSEHPA or Other
'Terror' Legislation
As we begin to receive information from our contacts in each state, we will hyperlink from here to a sub-section, sporting information about that particular state. In the meantime, we encourage you to bookmark this page and keep checking back for new information. Also, please do your own research by locating your own state's website here, and search for the legislation. Make us aware of your findings and they will be posted as soon as possible.
We will warn you not to breathe easy because your state isn't listed here, yet. There are some that have already passed similar legislation that are not listed, and many more that haven't been called to our attention. It is imperative that you check your state legislature now!


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