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Monday, August 13, 2012

The hypocrisy of the mainstream media

By Ken Hildebrand
Host of the Information Nation on Orion Talk Radio and contributing writer for End the Lie
This in no way is an endorsement of Paul Ryan (R-WI) but an indictment of the mainstream media and the way they report the news. If you haven’t noticed, Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate.
As was expected the mainstream media is going after him with a vengeance. To start, they call him a light weight when it comes to experience in the private sector. He also lacks experience due to his short time in congress. This is just the beginning of what will be a full blown attack on him until November.
If you don’t think that they will put the entire weight of the liberal left behind a smear campaign you are sorely mistaken.
One of the things that the media is very good at is distracting you from the real facts that actually matter. They do the old bait and switch trick when they report what they call the news.
They call themselves the protectors of freedom and then slant the news to give you their warped concept of freedom. They take away your ability to make an informed decision when it comes to the people that represent you in Washington or in your local community. That’s not protecting freedom, that’s called lying.
Four years ago the media prayed at the altar of Obama. They didn’t do their job of vetting this man but instead they hyped him up and rigged an election. I say rigged because of the information they failed to provide.
Anyone that tried to properly vet Obama was called a right wing extremist and demonized in some of the worst ways including being labeled a racist or a bigot simply for asking the same questions everyone would be asking in every other case.
It’s okay for them to rip a candidate apart so long as it is not their candidate. Look at what they did to Ron Paul if you need proof of this. They ignored him as much as they could or just distorted his message when they couldn’t shut him or his supporters up completely.
The mainstream media has failed us in so many ways. In the case of Bill Clinton it wasn’t about sex, it was about perjury. Yet they convinced the public that it was sex. If you perjure yourself you normally go to prison, which he obviously didn’t.
How about 9/11 and all of the evidence that has been presented to the public? Well, according to the media you might be a terrorist if you don’t believe the government explanation. The evidence points somewhere else. If you don’t believe me, just do some research and start by looking up building 7.
JFK, Iran-Contra, Oklahoma City, Fast and Furious, Operation Gun Runner and others have been overlooked or just plain covered up, I’m not sure which.
In an age of cell phone cameras and other devices, the mainstream media is being caught in their lies. And yet now they wonder why their ratings are dropping like a rock.
The alternative media isn’t lying to you and we are asking the hard questions that the mainstream media won’t. Most of the people in the alternative media, I say most but not all, don’t have the staff or the resources that the mainstream media outlets have. We do this for truth and for no other reason.
While we get arrested, jailed, beaten and maced we continue to push on. Many of the issues we bring up they will not report on. While they hide on roof tops and inside comfortable multi-million dollar studios, we are in the trenches and the front lines.
If we do not protect our Constitution some day it will be gone. If we do not tell you the truth, the Ministry of Truth will continue to lie and steer the public towards enslavement.
You have a choice, for now. Protect your Constitution and your freedom by forcing the mainstream media to tell you the truth.
If they refuse to tell the truth, as they have in the past, then turn them off. We are not perfect, sometimes we get it wrong. After all, we’re only human.
One thing that you can count on is that we will not deliberately lie to you and we will always bring proof so you can make an informed decision. You’re smarter than the mainstream media thinks you are and we know it. Now all you have to do is start acting like you know it too.

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