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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How To Break The Illumanai/Satanic Programing

As a believer that believes Illuminati and Satanism exists and should be terminated now.  Please go through it Once and then THINK if any of this is relevant to whats happening in our world as we speak right now. If you ask me, YES EVERYTHING that is said in here is being done to us and our society but i will leave it up to you for you to decide it for yourself. Thanks for being here with me.

Humankind is now at its early stage of development. The consciousness commonly operates within the first 3 levels of consciousness out of total 7 ( The first level is coma/deep sleep without dreams, the second level is dreaming, the third level is when body is awake and aware of itself but without the awareness of soul). The third level’s perception of reality is limited by 5 sensory feelings: hearing, seeing, smelling, touching , and tasting. At this level of consciousness human beings are unable to walk on water, fly in the air, pass through walls, be in several places at the same time, to hear and communicate thoughts over distance, and to experience the mystery of true love between man and woman. At this level humankind can be compared to a child who has not yet developed his/her intellectual abilities.

The Illuminati have been forcefully delaying the spiritual evolution of mankind during THOUSANDS OF YEARS by creating and maintaining a Sensory Illusion through the co-ordinated manipulation of life events, economic crises, wars, the images of folk and pop culture, music and art, the spread of alcohol and drug use, and, recently, the use of electronic, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons against Humanity.THEY HAD THE PURPOSE TO DESTROY GOD IN PEOPLE BY DESTROYING PEOPLE AS A WHOLE.

They, who in very ancient times had been appointed to be the guardians of human beings on the earth, betrayed the Covenant and turned into abusers and murderers. From wise teachers they turned into immoral liars and deceivers.

At the current stage of human development, when mind is not mature, it needs to be protected by religion as a child by his/her parents. It cannot explore the world on its own. They knew that ,yet they infiltrated the high levels of religious authorities in all religions with the evil intent to destroy the real spiritual masters and to discredit the institution of religion as a whole. Instead of religion they offered people a surrogate supplement of New Age ‘wisdom’ which is the same as to offer synthetic GMO products instead of organic food. And as a ‘cure’ against the unbearable absurdity of their abnormal arrangement of people’s life, they feed them with ‘painkillers’ of motivational quotes and speeches, literature, music and art.

They knew that people believe in having good and honest government because this is the way God gave them to organise community life, to create peace and order. They discredited the institution of government by infiltrating evil and corruption in ruling families and by forcing the elected leaders and government officials to join Satanic cult with its driving to madness blood rituals. These are the rituals of human sacrifices, of babies, children, young and old, men and women. They kidnapped hundreds of thousands babies around the world every year to make these sacrifices. When human beings are made to watch these rituals they lose their mental health and personal integrity. That what happened to many governments around the world. They wanted to create God-less states where people are slaves without any religion,sufficient food, dying early from over-exploitation. Finally , they used all technological progress to try and destroy mental and physical health of the world population and the Planet as a whole. Genetic engineering, geo-engineering (e.g. HAARP ), electronics, radiation, nanotechnology, chemistry, and quantum physics were used to build weapons against the mind-body of people and their Mother Earth.

By spraying nano-particles into atmosphere (chemtrails ), they turned it into a kind of electrical conductor which they use to perform mind control by destroying mental abilities and putting large masses of people into depression and lethargy.

They subjected millions of people in USA, Russia, China, Europe , and other parts of the world to cruel Mind Programming. Through a complex system which combines the use of drugs, hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP (coded words/gestures/body postures),simulated near-death experiences and electroshock to create controlled amnesia they turned their victims into computer-controlled mentally disabled people without memory of their true identity and of their being mind-programmed ( these people are diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder/MPD, Dissociative Identity Disorder/DID and Bipolar Disorder). They use these people as slaves in army, police, militia, mafia, prostitution,politics, media and entertainment industries. These people act as in trance, able to torture, kill or do whatever they are commanded without thinking and memory of what they did. ( If you want to understand what was done to these people and how to help them, read Fritz Springmeier’s book ‘ The Deeper Insight into the Illuminati Formula’ , especially Part 2 ).
They plan to use mass media hypnosis and show technology to convince people of the arrival of fake aliens, much the same way as they did with the ‘Apollo’ landing on the Moon that never happened in fact.
And although it is difficult for people to detect and comprehend this because their consciousness still operates only within first three levels, all that is just a Sensory Illusion. The Illusion which is illegally implanted within the Divine Creation. This Illusion is a quantum model, a pattern of certain vibrations, certain frequencies that create an illusory alter-reality. Everyone has enough power to destroy its effects.

Even if your body is made sick and your mind is under the constant attack of psychotronic weapons and toxic chemicals, your biggest power is not diminished at all. Your spirit , the core of soul, is not affected by chemical poisons, radiation, mind control, hunger, sicknesses , and magic. Nothing can access it except God. And if you align yourself with God, you will find yourself SUDDENLY more powerful than God’s enemies and your enemies.

Now you are drowning in the Illusory Sea of Darkness. This sea is an illusion , but your sufferings are real. Remember, Darkness is nothing except the absence of Light. Fill the void with Light and Evil is gone. And the only power that can undo the Illusion and evil alter-realities is the Creative Vibration of God’s Word which He sent down to be recorded on the earth as the Holy Qur’an & Holy Bible.
God gave us His Hand , the Holy Qur’an & the Holy Bible to save us. Grasp it! This is NOT an invitation to change your religious beliefs. This book is given by God to all, Christians and Muslims alike, to all living souls because this Book is not only the Book of Religious Law, it’s the Creative Vibration , the mantra of God’s speech. It was revealed to strengthen the messages of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammed ( peace be upon them) and the spirits of all believing people with the creative vibration of the mantra of God’s Word. The mantra is a certain pattern of vibrations that operates on quantum level. It’s beyond words. It is not translatable.
The Holy Qur’an is the Book of Law for Muslims as The Holy Bible is the book of law for Christians. And for all others it is the protective mantra of God’s speech. Listen to its recordings ( learn to recite it if you’re able to ) and be protected , be empowered. Simply by listening to it you can lock this Illusion out of your mind and it’s the beginning of its destruction.
Unite your Spirit with the Holy Spirit of God and other believers to be ONE POWERFUL FREQUENCY.

Perception is Reality and ONLY GOD AND HIS WORD IS REAL. ‘Is’ because God and His Word are inseparable.
And the world is as beautiful and pristine as God created it, not as your eyes/ears make you believe now. It is not all THAT bad , folks! Just wake up to shake off this nightmare, the illusory alter-reality. New World Order is a drugged dream of Illuminati/Satanists and Zionists. Illusion can never become
Reality if you do not give it your life-giving Faith. Nobody can take from you YOUR CHOICE.
So We are WITNESSES to these crimes –YES!
But We are NOT VICTIMS because we do not give them our faith to make them real!
We remember, we do not forget that we are placed here, on the Earth, as vice-regents of God. Let God guide our hearts, minds and hands to deal with His enemies!

 Pentagon Department of Defense briefing from 2005. They want to alter populations DNA to breed out religious impulses via vaccinations and aerosol spraying from above. They purport to have isolated a problematic gene causing religious impulsive behavior, of which the presence supposedly can be identified with brain scans. So again for OUR "SAFETY"...another vaccine.

Hmmmm....I wonder if this the latest additive to our chem-trails and flouridated water supplies. Yes they love the people so much that they want us all to have great teeth!

The problem these morons will never understand is that our physical bodies are merely vessels holding our souls, until we have the first death and leave the vessel behind for these scientists to poke and prod.

FunVax is a Government made viral vaccine that "cures" religious fundamentalism. It inhibits VMAT2 the so called "God Gene" which causes people to be prone to have spiritual experiences. Although FunVax has brought stability to several countries in the Middle East and is currently responsible for the pro-democracy rallies through out the Middle East we believe that it is a dangerous precedent for the future. We also worry about FunVax spreading to Western Countries and disrupting the belief system in the US and Europe. Joey Lambardi originally leaked this information and is planning on making all his evidence available at

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~tip came from:

Joey Lambardi Releases "FunVax Pentagon Lecture!"

This is a lecture by an unidentified scientist given to DoD officials inside the Pentagon. It is dated 4-13-05 -- about a year after the "God Gene" was first discovered. The scientist describes a plan to alter the "God Gene" in the Middle Easter Population in order to end the turmoil in that region. I acquired the video through an unknown source and from my knowledge, connections and experience as part of a unit called combat camera, I have verified it to be authentic

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