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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Secret World:Illuminati Video Game

The Secret World is a new MMO video game where you can play as the Illuminati, The Knight Templars(free masons), or The Dragon(Yakuza)

This game explores illuminism, conspiracies, and is LOADED with Subliminal Messages and Symbology.

 Imagine if every myth, conspiracy theory and urban legend was true. Imagine a world where you can become anything you want to be, without restrictions such as classes or levels. This is the premise for The Secret World, Funcom’s upcoming massively multiplayer online game set in the modern-day real world.


As a new initiate of The Secret World, you must choose your allegiance with care, for your choice will forever decide the future of humankind.
In a world where every conspiracy theory, every myth, fable and urban legend is true, three ancient societies pull the strings and decide our fate. Forced into alliance by circumstance, they stand united against the rising darkness, but remain divided in pursuit of power.
"The Art of Chaos" - Unknowable instigators of change, through quiet violence they create tiny ripples that grow into sweeping tsunamis.
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"Sex, Drugs and Rockefeller" - Invisible puppet-masters and corporate manipulators, they crave power and wealth by any means necessary.
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Templars "Deliverance From Evil" - The old guard; suave and sophisticated, but fiercely brutal and uncompromising in their crusade against darkness.
The Dragons
The Templars
The  Illumanati

Imagine a world within ours, where magic exists, monsters roam and ancient forces are fighting for the dominance of earth. In this MMORPG, players can take part in the greatest conspiracies of our age.

 A massively multiplayer online role–playing game, The Secret World takes place on our earth, in our times, and yet is a tale of mythology and ancient mysteries. For there really is a world within ours, a secret world, where magic exists, monsters roam and ancient forces are fighting for the dominance of earth. It is a world of legendary stories, ageless conflicts and powerful cabals. In this world, even modern cities hide secrets. In this world, players can take part in the greatest conspiracies of our age, and battle the forces of darkness across the world and throughout time.

After announcing the development of The Secret World, Funcom project director Jørgen Tharaldsen informed the press that the game uses the same engine as Age of Conan.[7] According to Funcom, the game will blend elements of MMO gameplay with alternate reality gaming (ARG) and social networking.[9]
Secret World cover.pngAt GDC 2009, Tørnquist gave an interview to GameSpot regarding TSW, revealing more about its gameplay.[2] There will be neither levels, nor classes in the game; instead, the character building will be skill-based. This way, the developers plan to avoid level grinding, allowing new players to join the game more easily. The player characters will be customizable to a large degree, particularly in their choice of clothing (except in PvP, where players must wear faction-specific uniforms), weapons (which range from shotguns to swords and can be customized and upgraded), and the supernatural powers they acquire. Combat against computer-controlled monsters will be one of the game's central points and will require more of player's attention than contemporary MMORPGs. Death in game results in the character returning as an "anima" and they have the option of returning to their body or respawning at a variety of resurrection locations. The players will be able to form teams to fight together but in an earlier blog posting, Tørnquist assured that the game can also be played in single-player mode, should a player choose not to play with a group.[10] According to him, the game is story-driven and there will be an overarching linear plot, as well as numerous side-quests, ranging from investigation to sabotage and hunting, since diversity of the gameplay will be another central point.
In an interview to GameSpot at the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo, Tørnquist and the lead designer Martin Bruusgaard revealed which playable factions ("secret societies") will be available in the game. The factions are: the London-based Templars, pious zealots "who would burn an entire village down to get their hands on one demon"; the New York City-based Illuminati, Machiavellian pragmatists who "believe that it's a tough world where only the strongest will survive"; and the Seoul-based "Dragon", who take a neutral stance between the other two and are "all about deceiving, orchestrating chaos, and waiting patiently for its time". A personality test to determine the players' inclination towards one of the factions was made available on the official TSW website soon after the reveal.[11] It will be impossible to change factions without creating a new character. Additionally, players will be able to create their own guilds, known as "cabals"[12] in-game, affiliated with one of the main factions. All players' actions in the game will contribute to their ranking in their respective guilds and factions.[11] The same interview revealed that PvP areas of the game will be located in the region called Agartha inside the hollow Earth, where the players will fight for the invaluable resource known as "anima".[11] This idea was dropped during closed beta as they decided it wasn't entertaining enough.[citation needed] Large scale PvP has later been revealed to take place in big persistent warzones. Control of these warzones has an effect on the rest of the players of a controlling faction, and provides bonus experience and other perks.[citation needed] There are also small mini-games in iconic locations such as Shambhala, El Dorado, and Stonehenge.[citation needed]
Quests come in several varieties. The "plot" follows a faction driven quest storyline, which is persistent throughout the game. In addition, the player can play up to 2 main missions, side quests that are limited by faction, and 3 general side quests which are open to anyone, and are predominantly fetch and hunting quests. However, quests can include a variety of puzzles that are quasi-alternate reality games and require searching the Internet for various clues through an in-game browser.


The game will feature an original setting created by Funcom, with contemporary elements as well as "magic, myths, conspiracies and dark horrors."[13] Contrary to rumors spawned by the game's second working title, it has nothing to do with, nor is it inspired by, the .hack franchise and its setting.[14] Tørnquist debunked several rumors surrounding The Secret World, stating that "there are no aliens or sci-fi elements" in it.[15] He also denied any connection of TSW to The Longest Journey.[15]
At GDC 2009, Tørnquist revealed more about the setting and the story.[2] He stressed that the game is set in the "modern day real world" but also incorporates pieces of ancient mythologies, real and false history, urban legends, and pop culture, and ties them into an original back-story. The latter is said to go back in time for 100 million years and encompass long extinct ancient civilizations. The players will assume the roles of supernatural heroes who participate in a "future war between good and evil", fighting dark monsters that threaten the modern world. Tørnquist identified the genre of the story as dark fantasy, mentioning vampires, demons, and zombies. The players will be free to travel across different locations of the world (both real, like London, New York and Seoul, and mythical, e.g. Agartha, the legendary city located within Hollow Earth[16]) and even in time, to pursue the overall plot and investigate new mysteries in connection to the dark invasion. The overall plot will have a conclusion but the designers also leave room for future expansions.

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