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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The soul of this nation is dying

yes, I said it. The soul of this nation is dying, and so is the soul of all Americans.
We no longer believe in this country as our past ancestors did. We are distrustful
of politicians and authority figures. We believe their just as clueless as anyone of us.
Is America a beacon of freedom to the rest of the world, or was all that a lie? It seems
that there is no real leader to show us the way. there is no man who can guide us to the
promised land. We have no Moses to lead the Children of America to their rightful place.

Isn't that sad? 

      To us our leaders are no more than wolves in sheep's clothing, or hirelings who
do not care for us. Is it wrong to make a man God? Is that why everyone wanted Obama to be the Messiah? His presidency proved he was not the Christ. But electing another man in his stead will not bring us any closer to God. earthly leaders are fallible and there is no Christ among us.

isn't that sad?  

We all want a strong leader who can give us back our pride and belief in ourselves and our nation. But all those men have died. Is there anyone among us who is worthy to take take the scroll?

Whatever happened to the glory that is The United States of America? the fact that the media attacks us and our country angers me. It seems that they hate this country. Well I'm tired of being told that it's wrong to believe in America. Why can't I not believe in my country? Why does the media attack the male? Our sitcoms are saturated with characatures of idiotic men. Those shows are an insult to us men.

So it looks as if our nation has lost it's soul and our men have as well. Maybe it's time for a resurection.

Thanks to a poster on prison planet forums for this.

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